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  1. Amen, it really was the language of location back then


    Awesome, I have 2 caches in the top ten! Wait, that's the bottom ten. ;)


    And I have found both of them. One was my first find. Both are great caches. No drive up micros back then.

  2. As far as I know, there's 3 vendors on the left coast, 3 in the midwest... any one the right coast?



    Aw, you can do better than that... think a little harder... :)

    I can think of 4 on the west coast, 4 out west (not on the coast), 2 in the midwest, 1 in the south and 2 on the east coast... over the pond there are at least 3 in Europe. Some of these are vendors, others are people who go direct... Like I said this event is meant to encompass the whole coin community. :)


    Halifax is between USA and Europe with direct flights from London and New York :lol:

  3. thanks I love stats and we are blessed own here in Atlantic Canada with among other things tonnes of great caches :unsure:


    Since you have way too much time or you are just bored at work, how about caches per area next?


    Psssssht... FINE!



    (KM2 per cache)

    Ontario 8100 = 113.30 Km2 per cache

    Quebec 7295 = 187.13 Km2 per cache

    British Columbia 6266 = 147.65 Km2 per cache

    New Brunswick 3289 = 21.72 Km2 per cache

    Alberta 3617 = 177.58 Km2 per cache

    Nova Scotia 3308 =16.12 Km2 per cache

    Manitoba 1415 =391.20 Km2 per cache

    Newfoundland 1024 =365.11 Km2 per cache

    Saskatchewan 660 =896.47 Km2 per cache

    Prince Edward Island 384 = 14.74 Km2 per cache <= Obviously - most packed

    Yukon 75 = 6325.21 Km2 per cache

    Northwest Territories 43 =27513.60 Km2 per cache

    Nunavut 16 = 121007.06 Km2 per cache <= Obviously - least packed


    Again, not suprisingly, Maritimes seem to be more cacherific

  4. according to google the cruise ship terminal is on water street, so here is the closest cache, GCV9QA. Hope this helps

    ok great! Got Halifax covered! Thank you Know the family wants to go to the Maritime Musuem there any help on St John would be great! Can not wait till next week when we will be there.

  5. The Shippin Magnate is a good cache to look at in Halifax (GCZ4QV). It is where you land. there are some neat virtuals and an earthcache downtown. It depends what you want to do. Let me know if you need help


    Try GCZ4QV - that's close to where you'll be. If you have time, do GCKC9G - Ted the Boardwalk Beagle. That's within walking distance, and along the boardwalk, of where the cruise ships dock in Halifax (near Pier 21) and it will take you on a tour of the Halifax waterfront - Theodore Tugboat, the Historic Properties shopping area, the food court, etc. Look for caches near these two to start.

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