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  1. Atlantic geocaching has a mentorship program if you want someone to answer some questions. We also have a coffee night in halifax once a month http://atlanticgeocaching.com
  2. sounds awesome, have fun and we will watch for you in Nova Scotia
  3. Amen, it really was the language of location back then And I have found both of them. One was my first find. Both are great caches. No drive up micros back then.
  4. there is a bookmark too http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...69-ec122ba43ec7
  5. very well put UBC, should generate an interesting discussion
  6. well done and happy birthday
  7. Our event was listed today, I know there is a lot going on this summer but if you can fit it into your plans we would be glad to see you 8th Anniversary of Geocaching in Canada Event
  8. Wow that is one cache that isn't visited very muck, I will post your message on the NL board at atlanticgeocaching.com d.
  9. Happy New Year from The East Coast of Canada I resolve to make the world slightly better dragonflys and familys
  10. A muggle destroyed my cache and then replaced it. I am not sure who smashes a box they suspect is a bomb but at least they were nice about it Log
  11. Aw, you can do better than that... think a little harder... I can think of 4 on the west coast, 4 out west (not on the coast), 2 in the midwest, 1 in the south and 2 on the east coast... over the pond there are at least 3 in Europe. Some of these are vendors, others are people who go direct... Like I said this event is meant to encompass the whole coin community. Halifax is between USA and Europe with direct flights from London and New York
  12. how about a slightly international venue like Halifax Nova Scotia Canada? Many geocoin fanatics here.
  13. thanks I love stats and we are blessed own here in Atlantic Canada with among other things tonnes of great caches Psssssht... FINE! AREA/CACHES (KM2 per cache) Ontario 8100 = 113.30 Km2 per cache Quebec 7295 = 187.13 Km2 per cache British Columbia 6266 = 147.65 Km2 per cache New Brunswick 3289 = 21.72 Km2 per cache Alberta 3617 = 177.58 Km2 per cache Nova Scotia 3308 =16.12 Km2 per cache Manitoba 1415 =391.20 Km2 per cache Newfoundland 1024 =365.11 Km2 per cache Saskatchewan 660 =896.47 Km2 per cache Prince Edward Island 384 = 14.74 Km2 per cache <= Obviously - most packed Yukon 75 = 6325.21 Km2 per cache Northwest Territories 43 =27513.60 Km2 per cache Nunavut 16 = 121007.06 Km2 per cache <= Obviously - least packed Again, not suprisingly, Maritimes seem to be more cacherific
  14. not sure how many of you saw this article Future bright for geocaching fans. The meeting he is going to is co-sponsored by Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association and I will be there. Should be interesting to see what he says.
  15. I am confused are we talking Saint John NB or St Johns NL?
  16. I was very disappointed to see size reduced to 100, I have one for earthcaches in Canada and it was only at 170 when I tried to add new ones last night it said no way
  17. according to google the cruise ship terminal is on water street, so here is the closest cache, GCV9QA. Hope this helps
  18. The Shippin Magnate is a good cache to look at in Halifax (GCZ4QV). It is where you land. there are some neat virtuals and an earthcache downtown. It depends what you want to do. Let me know if you need help
  19. 1st Geocache in Canada Drop me a note if you need any help or drop by the website for some chat ACGA I'm going down home at the end of August ... can someone post a link to the page for the 1st cache? I'd like to find it while I'm there! Thanks! dani
  20. sweet job, I don't see a maximum age in the description so even i could get in on it.
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