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  1. would I get to talk to the volleyball team?

    Oh yeah.. they get medals for walking like penguins:



    If Geocaching WAS an olympic sport, how would it be played? like a decathlon, with a multi, puzzle, earthcache, and letterbox thrown into the mix? Full body contact? Foam bats? ... Awesome..

  2. At an event last night a homage to geocaching was revealed in the sports. Right up on the wall with hockey football and baseball


    BP Homage


    Coincidentally we were served vodka shots in film canisters with a sugared lemon slice. I propose we call this drink a "FTF". That way I will finally get one :anibad:

  3. To my knowledge there isn't any place in NB. There is always some going to Halifax if you ask around if you are looking to save shipping. I am going to be at the events in Sackville and Moncton this week end if you pay for an order I may be able to help you out

  4. something we always knew, CANADA ROCKS

    During a tongue in cheek email exchange about Geocaching and Waymarking, I did some quick stats and got some surprising stats.


    At the moment there are 616,946 active caches in the world.


    8.15% of all of the caches in the entire world can be found in Canada! WOW!


    Rounding out the top three

    1.84% are in Quebec (1 in every 54.5)

    1.77% are in Ontario (1 in every 56.5)

    1.34% are in British Columbia (1 in every 74.5)


    Comsidering that we have only 11% the population of the USA, this shows asignificant participation on our Canuck part!


    WOO HOO!


    :rolleyes: BQ

  5. Thanks Luc. My family and I are spending the week prior viiting Quebec City. Really looking forward to it


    The only drawback I can see to getting high numbers for Canadian mega-events is the insane prices we have to pay to fly within our own country!


    I had originally planned to attend Rendez-vous, but with flight prices $700+ I decided to give it a miss. In comparison, I paid $200 to fly to Sacramento for GWVI. And it looks like it will be about $500 for me to fly to Nashville for GWVII (depending on how insane gas prices get).


    So, unless I am able to find a great deal on flights, it looks like I'll be sticking to driveable events in BC and Alta.

    You are so right goaliegirl38!


    Canadian flights are VERY expensive. If I ever have to take a flight to go to a Mega-event in AB or BC, I will combine vacations and visit of the city and the province with the event. It is too expensive to take a flight only for a 1 or 2-day event.


    And I suggest the same for geocachers coming here in Québec City this August. Yes there is the Mega-event and hundred of geocaches in the area. But there is also Québec City and especially the Old Québec City that you have to visit. And all the celebrations of the 400th.


    When visiting Old Québec City, don't forget this virtual cache (my all time favourite virtual cache):

    Tree within the Old City by dex4 (GCHKWJ)



    By the way, I'm working on a Québec City Area Bilingual Caches Bookmark List:






  6. Saint John NB you got 'er TM

    not Quebec city or St. John's


    Actually, it would be St. John. Notice the spelling difference?


    I was born in Fredericton, so the spelling does make a difference, to me at least. :(

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