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  1. A February 8th, 1855 earthquake was reported by Dawson (1868) to have occurred at "the bend of the Petitcodiak", the nineteenth name for the Moncton region in southeastern New Brunswick. This earthquake was felt throughout most of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and as far to the southwest as Boston, Massachusetts. A felt area IV magnitude of 5.2 was proposed in a reevaluation of this event by Leblanc and Burke (1985) and the epicentre proposed by Smith (1962) of 46.0oN, 64.5oW was accepted. This epicentre and a magnitude of mN are now listed in the Canadian National Seismological Database. The general location of the earthquake is confirmed by the reports of several aftershocks being felt in the Moncton area during the month of February, 1855 (Saint Andrews Standard, March 7th, 1855). Minor damage was reported for this earthquake, such as in an account from Hopewell, a village 17 km south-southwest of the epicentre, which states "At the chemical factory in this place, the shock caused the plastering of walls to crack and rend from top to bottom ....", New Brunswick Reporter, February 16, 1855.

  2. Hmmm I grew up in Moncton and i am not sure


    While we are on the topic oc significant events, try this one


    Something happened near Moncton a long time ago near 46.0N, 64.5W

    What was it and when did it happen?

  3. right on, over to you

    I am limestone

    I am 433 metres long, 90 metres wide and 88 metres at my highest point.

    I also have a 15 metre high arch which I get my name from.


    Who am I?


    Percé Rock on the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec?

  4. Center Centre being defined as the mid-point of the extremities of Canada's landmass. Yes a physical (REAL) cache.


    What is the closest cache to the Geographic center of Canada?


    Can you tell us how you're defining centre? (and why you're spelling centre the american way in a canadian forum :D)


    Are we talking centre of mass, or centroid, or (max lat+min lat)/2, (max lon+min lon)/2.



  5. of course the big giant Bedford Basin and Bedford Magazine ignored. Just saying :ph34r:

    Actually, the center point of halifax I took was close to the bridges, thus Dartmouth is included - The census counts HRM, not Halifax... no disadvantage


    Moncton is surrounded by 50% swamp, not woods (immediately north and south of Moncton are woods)


    Fredericton is surrounded by woods


    But as the stats show, Moncton is the most saturated place in Canada - not by much, only a 3% variance from Moncton to Freddy - Oddly, Hali & Sydney both rank almost the same for saturation coverage only at about a 6% variance off Freddy


    Stats don't lie.. they just tell their own story


    Can see where I live now, Halifax, which is on a penisula having a serious disadvantage over say where I was from, Moncton, which is surrounded by woods. :mad:


    Congrats Fredericton. It is an awesome city.

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