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  1. Often thought of trying to set one up in NS but lacked a book. The Backroad guide is an excellent suggestion
  2. I am looking for a Beaver Dude coin to buy or trade if any one has an extra
  3. Event looks awesome but can't make it this year.
  4. looks like a fishing spider Fishing Spider
  5. here is a list from earlier this Spring for NS NS caches I will try to filter an post a Halifax specific list. There is an event on Wednesday if you would like to join us for a bite
  6. Things are still rolling along. Visited the site on the week end and took some pictures of the site. July 10, 2010 Dayspring NS
  7. Wow that is great, thanks for the heads up
  8. dragonflys

    caching in pei

    PEI is an awesome caching destination
  9. Announced today Maritime Mega July 10, 2010 Dayspring NS http://www.geocachingonline.com/2009/03/26...ega-event-2010/
  10. I can help you here in Nova Scotia, email me thru profile
  11. Wow looks awesome. On the calendar
  12. If you don't get an answer here try www.atlanticgeocaching.com
  13. I am literally drooling, one of the sharpest coins I have seen in a while
  14. Forgot about the Joggins Fossil Cliffs http://jogginsfossilcliffs.net/
  15. Yarmouth has a bunch around town that are easy to do a walking tour. There is a nice series “Cape Forchu Series]” southwest of Yamouth. Very nice scenery. From Yarmouth to Shelburne there is a “power trail” called welcome to the Boonies (search for “WTTB”. It is about 200 caches that range from PnG to hikes to puzzles to multis. Going up the coast from Shelburne to Halifax there are numerous beaches. One of my favourites is Carters Beach. Look for GCKWFK. Along Highway 103 there are many caches that are PnG at almost every exit At East River,exit 7 on highway 103, is the oldest cache in Canada placed June 28, 2000. GCBBA. In Halifax the are lots of caches, typical urban stuff as well as parks and trails. Point Pleasant Park in Halifax is a nice walk and has a few caches to find. The boardwalk on the Halifax Waterfront is enjoyable and there is fun multi that is disabled right now GCKC9G. There is a lovely Rails-to-trail in Dartmouth called Cole Harbour Heritage trail that has awesome views and plenty of caches here is a map http://www.trails.gov.ns.ca/SharedUse/hx124.html . As mentioned already there is Peggys Cove which has some wonderful scenery. To observe the Fundy tide I have an earthcache to watch the tidal bore GC11FBK. Again there are lots of caches to do on the way to Cape Breton. Take time to do the Cabot Trail, not many caches but breathtaking area Nice little side trip is to Uisge Ban Falls GC1FZ0P. Awesome cachers up there. In PEI I haven’t done a lot of caching but every one I did do over there was great. In NB I recommend some time in Moncton, the home of the Uber Cachers. You literally can’t swing a dead cat without hitting cache. Hope this helps, I am sure I am missing stuff and this is a very quick overview. Let me know if you need anything at all
  16. With global warming NS could be an island any year now. The suggestions are all good so far. Can you tell me a little more of what you like and where you are going and I can tailor it a bit for you. There is some great caches to see here. Join www.atlanticgeocaching.com and there is a list of people to help you too df
  17. list will be out later but for planning purposes. What: 9th Anniversary of Geocaching In Canada Where: Graves Island Provincial Park, Chester NS When: 10:00 - 6:00 PM, June 27 2009 The format will be very much the same as last year . The NS Geofest crew will be hosting the Third annual Graves Island Potluck for the evening meal. I will be attempting to book the field and group campsite for the week end again (26-28). Much more details to follow
  18. still looking for the correct answer
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