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  1. hi, there are plenty to pick from, try posting on http://maritimegeocaching.com/forum/ and you will get lots of help dragonflys
  2. I got one from then, minor surface rust otherwise mine is great dragonflys
  3. May want to try New Brunswick too, www.maritimegeocaching.com/forum/ D.
  4. A lot of great ideas to pick from. OKDoke, If I was a little closer to OK we would show up for the Fling d.
  5. Geo-Bingo looks great, anyone else have some help
  6. does any one have the basic rules for Geo-Bingo, Poker Run and Geo-scrabble. any other fun event games?
  7. I am hosting an event this fall and I am looking for any one who wants to share an idea from an event they attended. The past 2 years we have had Poker Runs and I was thinking of shaking it up a bit. The event is a family event so all ages and abilities will be attending and I would like to run the cache portion for approximately 1.5 hours so we have time to socialize. Any advice is greatly appreciated dragonflys
  8. I already have that cache but you can try posting a message on http://www.maritimegeocaching.com/forum/ d.
  9. I already have that cache but the long you are looking for goes through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Post a message on http://www.maritimegeocaching.com/forum/ d.
  10. welcome tirediron, some neat caches to enjoy dragonflys
  11. www.maritimegeocaching.com has a rescue and adoption topic in the forum. drop a note for help there D.
  12. something kind of like this happened to me. I dropped by Seal Light of Barrington to do the cache and the ladies asked if I was going to take a tour of the lighthouse or just there to do the cache. I was taken aback by that, my little secret out D.
  13. TT, sorry, I just checked my calendar and between work and family I don't have a free day in August Good luck D. try posting to mga.kicks-a**.org (Maritime Geocachers) I guess it filters naughty words the a** is the bad word for butt
  14. sounds cool. what did you have in mind
  15. Congratulations to The Hurricane Geeks on joining the 100 club at "the really bad rhyme of the ancient mariners"
  16. thanks for the info. I am planning on taking it this fall Todd
  17. I am making a guesstimate but the cruise ships land roughly at 44.6394 063.5653
  18. the only ones really walkable are GC8A20 hockamock citadel GC6C08 First Post - Halifax Todd
  19. Stingray, If you are really stuck I have a spare TB that I can give you and you can give me one of yours when they arrive. lmk dragonflys
  20. may 1st? is there something happening? storm1 see the 2004 travel bug kick-off event http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=67790
  21. Congrats. Rapidair is sure living up to his name I hope I get more this time this summer to get out more Todd
  22. I am trying to find a person who can help me with this name cache. My name translates into: N37 24.663 For more information and requirements for this cache, please refer to GC3153. We will both get a find from this. Please email me through my profile if you can complete this task. Thank you Dragonflys.
  23. Todd here in Halifax, I just got into Geocaching prior to getting blasted this winter. I am really enjoying it and can't wait for spring. I would love to start the race. LMK Todd
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