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  1. Order some from where!! What are Geo-Chips?!
  2. haven't read the previous posts, just replied to the first. We print out the "printer friendly version" and bring it along. If we can't find the cache, we will decipher clues "in the field" so to speak. Sometimes the hints give too much away. Remember one time when we searched for more than an hour, deciphered the clues and found the cache more than 100 feet away from where we "knew it was!!". We would rather try to figure it out ourselves at first and if that doesn't work, revert to the clues.
  3. We want to upgrade that thick like clear rubber stuff that covers the screen over our GPS. We are 100% satisfied with it but that stuff is peeling around the edges. We don't want the screen to get scratched up. It is a Magellan Map 330 bought over a year and a half ago and we have no problems with it at all! Have the Mapsend Streets and computer cable hook-up. It gets us close, good under cover, but what about that screen covering? That is considered an upgrade isn't it?
  4. moghedian


    No wonder so many travel bugs get lost!! A cache on our watch list recently had this posted: "Could not find the cache. I'm out visiting from Phoenix Arizona and wanted to drop off the @@@@@ travel bug. This is the only cache that I had time to visit during my trip, therefore, I did place the alien traveler in the top of the dead tree at the following coordinates: xxx,yyy I would really appreciate it if someone could pick him up and forward him on to another cache. If you do so, please let me know at ddd@ddd" The bug was "placed" in the cache but it really isn't there! He posted a picture of the dead tree where the bug is, but golly!! What do you make of this!!! If you can't find the cache, keep the bug, bring it back home!! or something? should I email this fellow saying Don't do this in the future!? How's this for a new idea? If you can't find the cache you are searching for, just leave some stuff in the general vicinity, post the co-ords where you left it and walla!! Brand New Cache! Maybe I'm overdoing it a bit but I read this and couldn't believe it!!!
  5. Tuesday was a day off for both me and Christine. Woke up early and went to Shaws Supermarket to get the food shopping done for a day of caching. As we were were checking out, the cashier asked if we had heard about "a plane hitting the World Trade Center?". No, we hadn't heard. Plane? We thought a Cessna? Didn't think much of it. Got back home and turned TV on.....I'm watching the television, Christine putting away the groceries asking "what's going on?"...."The World Trade Centers are gone...." I say. "Gone?"...She runs in to see.. decided to still go caching that day. Remember parking in a lot, walking by a van (construction/or something?) hearing the radio in the van talking about the attacks, driving and looking at the sky with no planes, we ate at Wendys also...when you think of that day, it all comes in blurbs..if you know what I mean. Walking along a beach, are we safe?..just a hodge-podge.
  6. Last year was our first year caching and I got poison ivy 4 times! This from caches no more than 100 feet off trail. This year, I have been applying Ivy Block to my arms before every cache. Then been washing with a special poison ivy removal something which I can't remember the name at the moment. I guess the point is to be prepared for every cache, regardless of the difficulty. If it's in the woods and off the trail, expect poison ivy. Stickers/Briars...scrapes and cuts we can deal with as there are no itching blisters and oozing welts that pester you for days on end. Scratches and such....Battle Scars "Wow! What happened to your legs?" said the man. "We went Geocaching this weekend." said the Geocachers. "That sounds like Something Wonderful..." said .............
  7. We think parking areas/spots should not be part of the search. In the caches we place, we let people know where we parked when we placed the cache. Others might be able to find easier ways to the cache which is great! Good for them! Our caches are placed a little ways away from the parking area and have a decent hike in to find it. We think the fun of finding a cache is on foot, not driving back and forth or looking at maps for a place to park. Not many people have caches within walking distance from their homes so nearly everyone will be using a car to Geocache. We don't want to waste time finding parking! We want to get to the parking spot/area and have a nice walk/hike (or maybe not so nice, depending on bug level!). Geocaching begins when you park the car, take out the backpack, spray yourself with Ben's, rub in the Ivy Block and hope you don't step in a wasps nest! More time in car=bad! More time outside=GOOD!! Just our opinion. Just tell us where to get out of the car to begin our adventure!!!!!! ps--Just began letterboxing and WOW! it's pretty fun too!!
  8. A new cache in our state has a Travel Bug that was retrieved from another cache and placed in this new one. The 1st post is.. Left this travel bug....xxxxxx xxxxxx being the tag number of the Travel Bug!! We've emailed the owners to explain they should post either the name of the Bug or the reference number as that will lead to the Bug page without giving away information to help the Unsavory Characters disrupt the Bugs travel. We still can't understand how people who have a gps, go to the geocaching webpage, find a cache, find a Bug, take the bug, log a find, read the back of the tag!, go to Groundspeak.com, place the bug, then post the nubmer!! Yikes!.........
  9. Didn't work for me either. Looking forward to the before/after pic. Off Topic Here:.....What happens to Nate?
  10. I tried to brighten the pictures but they came out looking to "pixel-ly" that we thought the darker ones looked better than the pixelated ones.
  11. Here are some pictures from one of our caches. Boy are they darker than our last ones! Maybe the flash wasn't working? Some came out ok though.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cachelog_details.asp?ID=61697&L=403850
  12. When we read your original message we felt a sense of anger, outrage, "how dare they!" type of sentiment from it. Is Geocaching a contest to see how many caches/Travel Bugs you can find before the other guy? We would agree that once you find a cache for the 1st time, additional visits should be posted as "notes", not "finds". (We have done this in the past, does not count as a find!). However, we feel too many caches are plundered and too many Travel Bugs lost to complain about people "padding" their finds. If a Bug we place is taken and placed in a "Hotel", great!! Hopefully it has a chance of moving on. This is just our opinion but after reading your post we just don't understand what point you are trying to get across. You are mad because people take Travel Bugs to their own cache? Mad because people log their own caches as finds?... We get mad when our Travel Bugs (or anyones!) go missing... We get mad when our Caches (or anybodys!) get plundered. If Mr.X or Mrs. Y has 10000 finds and all of our (and eveyones!) caches and all of our (or everyones!) Travel Bugs are never plundered/lost then we will all be happy, regardless of how many cache so and so has found. There are better things to complain about. As long as our caches and Bugs are found and not plundered or stolen, whether you have a GPS or not, we think it doesn't matter. "Raid" caches and move a Travel Bug to a new cache? What?.............
  13. Now, I'm just sitting here, 30 years of age, remembering when my Dad was posted in Pearl Harbor in 1985-1989. We took a trip to the Big Island at some point. Saw Volcanoes National Park, drove past Mauna Kea, on that little road, than to Kona and the park the had the canoes and an old Hawaiian Village....anyway. We drove to the very southern point of the Big Island. There was a metal disk in the ground. I can remember asking Dad "Hey Dad, what's this?". It was a marker. I think my parents have a picture of it somewhere. Is this considered a find? Or do you have to visit after Benchmarks were started? Just wondering. We haven't found any around our area but seeing this new adventure we were just wondering........
  14. I didn't mean nobody as a whole just that nobody from the caches we've taken our pictures at.
  15. We've posted pictures from the camera in our 1st cache. We've found cameras in quite a few caches but nobody seems to post the pictures!! Here are ours: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cachelog_details.asp?start=&L=351210&ID=51027&decrypt=
  16. When we start logging Jabba on his travels with us, we aren't looking to log miles to and from home, to and from caches not found, etc. Jabbas Miles.. (Jabba Miles..sounds cool) Jabbas Miles will be from found cache to found cache. He's not looking to pad his miles. "Cache to Cache" says Jabba. "Nothing More." ...Stay Tuned...
  17. We read the 1st post and thought "Wow,that's a pretty neat idea!" Then saw it was from December!! Can't believe we didn't think of it earlier! As long as you log it and pick it up what's the problem? Posting pictures for each cache visited would help the Personal Travel Bugs following! "Follow Jabbas Adventures and Discoveries!!" says Jabba. We don't own a digital camera yet, but reading this post tonight, we might just get one tomorrow and start logging the Adventures of Jabba (the Monkey that is, not the Hutt). It's sort of like a personal timeline of your caching adventures that you share with the caching community!! Yeah! Maybe started a little late but better late than never! Jabba is all fired up now, looking to become famous. Stay Tuned for Jabba..............
  18. Being owners of a couple of travel bugs who had gone missing for a while, as long as they are trying to be placed, it would not be a problem if it took a while to do so. Email updates of the lack of progress would of course be greatly appreciated. At least we would know they are still trying to travel. Why you would not get responses to your email from the bug owners? Who knows. Back to the subject of the post, it's worth the risk to place a bug. Maybe not have something too collectible as it would be tempting to take but it is fun to see how far your bug can travel. Place it and hope for the best!!
  19. Being owners of a couple of travel bugs who had gone missing for a while, as long as they are trying to be placed, it would not be a problem if it took a while to do so. Email updates of the lack of progress would of course be greatly appreciated. At least we would know they are still trying to travel. Why you would not get responses to your email from the bug owners? Who knows. Back to the subject of the post, it's worth the risk to place a bug. Maybe not have something too collectible as it would be tempting to take but it is fun to see how far your bug can travel. Place it and hope for the best!!
  20. Not to sound to negative but welcome to the club! We've only had two Travel Bugs. One was lost for four months until it turned up in Maine. Another thought lost and it turned up also and another cacher recreated his travels on his bug page. If the actual cache logbooks don't turn up anything all you can do is wait and hope that the Bug will turn up. Good Luck!!
  21. Ah yes, Zion. As we recall, there was quite the narrow tunnel leading into the park. Not for the claustorphobic(sp?). Thanks again to WaldenRun for helping Buzzy be "bugged". Hopefully he can find his way to Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, and Bryce Canyon on his way to Best Friends in Kanab!
  22. Slayer has been found!!! Slayer is a Travel Bug that was thought lost since November. A new Travel Bug, Buzzy, was released. His goal was to find Slayer. We recently received an e-mail saying that Slayer has been found in Maine! His tag was still attached and he is now back in action! We were disenchanted with Bugs as Slayer was lost and Buzzy was lost for a while too, but now our faith is renewed!! Buzzys quest has been updated and Slayer still wishes to see all 50 states. Don't give up hope on lost Bugs as they may turn up when least expected! Guess that's all we have to say...but if you find something with a tag attached, please log it! Slayer was thought lost for months, but someone moved him from Rhode Island to Maine. Enough rambling....Slayer is OK!!!!! ALL RIGHT!!!
  23. ... our Travel Bugs to be found and placed in another cache. However, that has not been the case. We would love.. "People Like Travel Bugs".. to find our Travel Bugs and help them along. All we are saying is perhaps there is a better chance of Travel Bugs moving along in "MOC'S". Members are more likely to understand the Travel Bug concept. Hopefully less "Let's take the Beanie!"...who knows!? Just a thought we had. Travel Bugs can still be placed in "Non-Member Caches". We just thought people who are willing to contribute would be more apt to help Bugs along. That's all. Not looking to start any debate, just a question/opinion.
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