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  1. I got mine from Amazon.com No tax, free shipping. They have a $30 discount if you get their credit card and use it for the purchase. With the rebates mine was $315.
  2. We have a Dixie Cachers website available. www.dixiecachers.com It's set up very similar to the way alacache was. It's not Alacache, I didn't want to step on anybody's toes and rename it Alacache. Membership is open to anybody that can get along with others. I found yahoo groups hard to use and it just wasn't the same as the forums/shoutbox, etc... format that we were all use to. So yall check it out and sign up if you want to. I'm not trying to splinter off from alacache. I was told that the old site was down, and nobody was sure if it would ever be back up. I feel like Dixie Cachers can become all of Alabama Cachers home on the web like alacache was. No harm meant on my part.
  3. If you have Geocaching Swiss Army Knife(GSAK), there is a macro you can download from that site that will allow you to display caches from your current filter of a GPX file - or abscence of a filter - to display all those caches on google earth. Pretty neat stuff!
  4. My 6 year old son, Redneckson loves caching, and has his own gc.com account. He keeps up with his cache finds really well, and has them all logged. All total he's found 1216 caches. I think it's great for geokids to have their own name and account.
  5. Nov. 9th is my one year anniversary, and it has been an awesome year!!
  6. Well, so much for the locals not reading the forum... Sorry to spoil the surprise, Red! Ronnie had already figured this one out by who it was dedicated to. Hope to get down there and camp so we can spend a couple of days in the woods. Oct. was a bad month with everybody being sick and in Hosp. We're trying for last part of December/first part of Jan. to camp.
  7. WD4BSU has been wanting to do one like this Joel, and name it "Out on a limb" I told him he was crazy!! LOL
  8. I leave a poopin' cow keychain. Yeah, it's gross, but that's what I like about it!! > I call her Messie Bessie.
  9. I think using the Bible, a historic book, whether you believe it or not, is not asking too much of someone to decode a cache. That's ridiculus! The Bible is online, and very searchable from any search engine. I would hunt a cache if I had to watch a movie and get numbers from it, in order to find and log a cache. However, I wouldn't hunt and log a cache if I was required to vote for that particular person the cache was about, in order to get a smiley.
  10. I think when people are passionate about something, and it is something they do and believe in, they will talk about it, share it and it will be evident in their speech and actions. Everyone is passionate about something, and that will be what they talk about and think about. I'm glad being a Christian affects my speech and actions.
  11. There are a couple of pictures in the cache logs of the cache itself, and the "rock"
  12. After reading the cache page, in my opionion, there was nothing wrong with placing this cache. I don't agree with the person who archived it. The bible is probably the most recognized book in the world, so why not be able to use it for reference? If you get offended and uptight about reading the cache page, then don't go find the cache. If a person has the right to be offended by this cache, then another person has just as much right to not be offended. So shouldn't it be an individual choice on whether to find the cache or not? I think the cache hider was well within the rules of gc.com. As Jeff said, he didn't ask anybody to be "born again", or attend Church, or anything like that. He simply asked for the cache seekers to look up verses in the bible. I think the cache being archived was wrong. Just my opinion.
  13. Decided to buy new. After rebates I paid what I wanted to pay. Life aint all bad. Thanks to all who have replied!!
  14. blocko1000, I emailed you back yesterday with some questions.
  15. I think there are only 3 campgrounds in Nashville. Two Rivers, Jellystone, and KOA. Prices for Two Rivers was $25/night for full hook-ups. The KOA was $32/night. We stayed at Two Rivers the first of April. They are located on Music Valley Drive very close to Opry Mills. We didn't do any hiking caches, just the easy micros. Have fun!
  16. I am looking for a used magellan SporTrak Map gps, for my son to use while caching. I have found some on ebay that are refurbs for $129. Was hoping to get one for $100 or so. Anybody have one they want to sell?? Thanks.
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