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  1. DING to Speakers corner, once an accurate distance to the sun could be calculated then the size of the solar system could be calculated as Kepler had already calculated the relative distances of the planets from the sun in terms of earth - sun distance, known as 1 astronomical unit (AU.
  2. Thank you, staying on the same subject, observing the transit of Venus enabled astronomers to calculate what?
  3. Especially if it also noted how to log an Owner Maintenance log once you have checked on the cache so we can stop seeing those lingering NM attributes after an owner has actually performed maintenance! If there's a list of your caches that need maintenance on your profile there's no reason why each cache shouldn't have a link to write a log when the maintenance has been done, to make sure the log is an Owner Maintenance type rather than a Note type. Maybe it could have three links - one to acknowledge the maintenance issue and indicate when it might be addressed, another to disable the cache if the owner can't get to it for a while, and a third to log Owner Maintenance to show they've dealt with it. Also, takes the onus off of the Reviewers. Many try to help the game by "sweeping" their jurisdiction 1-2 times a year. This way the cache ownership and maintenance responsibility from the guidelines (that pesky box every cache placer checks...) falls back right to the owner where it belongs. I wouldn't mind a nag to get after a NM log. Wouldn't bother me one bit. But, as more and more people cache solely from the Apps, I would hope the website interface finds itself more in line with what you see in the app It would make the reviewer's job somewhat easier in that any cache that had the NM flag for more than some designated period (say six months) could just be archived without having to ask what, if anything, the owner planned to do with the cache. If they haven't seen the reminder for six months they're inactive, end of. There must be some way the site could run a periodic process to find caches disabled for, say, six months or more and produce a report that reviewers could use. It could also find caches with longstanding NM logs that haven't been addressed. Problem with this is that many COs will not use the "Owner Maintenance" log, instead writing a Note or Enabling it after it has been disabled. There are countless active caches out there that have old NM logs still attached to them that the COs never cleared out properly. I suppose if the nag in the OP were implemented, it would also show a link explaining to the CO how to clear out the NM 'red wrench' and get it off the nag screen...but this is all assuming the CO is still active and uses the website and views their profile page. That's a big assumption... If the CO is inactive the cache needs to be archived. If the website and all the various flavours of app have very visible notifications when your owned caches need maintenance then it's perfectly reasonable to archive anything that has had an NM flag on it without a response from the owner in a couple of months. The point is to make it very visible when your caches need maintenance and very clear how to perform and log maintenance to get them off the list. If very visible notifications are implemented and people still fail to maintain their caches, the reviewer can archive them. The larger concern is the cachers who do things like log Owner Maintenance with text that says "Got some more of these on order, will replace it next week". Or even in 3 months time, by which time the cache will have been disabled for 6 months - "Probably won't get home til Christmas now so will sort out all the geocaches in the series then" (sic)
  4. View the transit of Venus across the sun, not sure where though, probably somewhere in the South pacific
  5. A fairly recently published "night cache" was found in daylight by a local cacher who used local knowledge and a hunch to go straight to the final location and claim FTF, cue sour grapes and a strongly worded whinge in the form of a write note on the cache page (since deleted) from others who then claimed "FTF in the dark"
  6. This D1/T1.5 cache had 6 straight DNFs before this log entry and another DNF afterwards Found it Found it 05/10/2014 Am sure was a right spot but no log only a coin under the stone
  7. Almost put my camera away as the sun was going down and there was nothing that really to photograph. In the dimming light, I thought we were looking at a large boulder in a field, but something didn't look right. Then it moved and turned around! What a treat!! GC31RKX
  8. Found it 24/07/2014 Claiming half a find for this - found and solved puzzle - put co-ords into GPS only for batteries to fail. No problem insert back-up batteries ......also flat Moral of the story - always check your equipment and spares before setting off
  9. Shame the excellent idea from The Blorenges from almost 3 years ago to remove ghost trackables has been ignored even though it was "submitted" Sorry unable to work out how to do a link to the topic in question, but its in the website forum.
  10. Member #3 04/10/14 783 finds Needs maintenance There may now be 2 containers here following a recent throwdown - maybe the owner could check on the original? Throwdown cacher 29/09/14 8508 finds Found it Had a good look for this one without success. Noticed CO has not been on this site for over 2 years so left a replacement 35mm and new log in the tree under a white stone to keep this one going. SL TFTC Member #5 14/09/14 156 finds Did not find The cache is missing Member #4 6/09/14 332 finds Did not find Found GZ, followed the hint, but came up with nothing. Will try again, if it's still there! Member #3 24/05/14 783 finds Did not find Came on foot from Gwennap via public footpaths across fields, had a good rummage around but failed to find the cache. Our GPS indicated GZ as in the field rather than on the path, but we found items matching the hint by an oak tree on the lane. Member #2 04/01/2014 42 finds Found it That’s one more find for me! Thanks so much for hiding this geocache. Member #1 23/11/2013 1998 finds Found it A dash out on a blurry saturday, in the middle pof moving house, for a calendar tile. TFTC.
  11. We too have picked up TBs that have been in the same cache for a long time A quick check showed the longest sat in a cache for 3 years 6 months with no visits - the joy of caching in the Middle East.
  12. Just move it to the bin (trash can)!
  13. Don't know them personally, but they're based here in Cornwall, if you have access it may be worth trying some of the Cornish geocache groups on facebook (there are several).
  14. If pre signing a challenge cache logbook before completing the challenge is acceptable, does that mean we can log a found it on the cache on the international space station as we want to visit it one day?
  15. The same happened to us just a couple of days ago, we were going to put it on here but no point in double posting.
  16. Found it 14/09/2013 Had the coords a while and was in the area but alas despite a PAF to confirm co ords and what and where still couldn't find it suspect it's gone. Will wait until there's confirmation posted. TFTC
  17. We've found a cache by accident twice. The first was GC6PN5 a multi cache, we stopped for lunch and sheltered out of the wind, Mrs me N u thought this would be a good spot, looked in the hole she was next to and there was a cache container, we signed the log then went on to find the clues. The second was GC2D65V a micro that we had deselected from the PQ for the walk, stopped for photos and noticed the container.
  18. We're afraid this is the closest to what we were after - radio protocol is to say who you are calling, followed by your callsign then the message. So it would be a DING, except nobody can hear a ding in space! Over to you Pajaholic Edited for spelling.
  19. Continuing the space theme, and a question from a pub quiz we took part in - what were the first words spoken from the surface of the moon?
  20. A couple of Tbs we have helped on their way went way off course later on. One was trying to get from the Netherlands to Australia, we dropped it off in Singapore, it was retrieved and dropped off in a cache in Germany! Another was trying to get back to Finland, it made it as far as Sweden then was dropped off in New Zealand. Must be really frustrating for the owners.
  21. 1986 - seem to remember watching a TV programme about a spacecraft attempting to get close up pictures but something happened and it failed.
  22. Shouldn't be a problem, whilst living in Saudi Arabia we developed an earthcache in Cornwall (discovered the site during our annual trip home).
  23. Why not just contact the reviewer who published the cache with your concerns? You can send an email via their profile page same as any other cacher
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