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  1. Thank you - Mr me N u has been to Stromness several times and that street name is just one that sticks in your mind - Mrs me N u has never been so we must go for a visit so much to see apart from diving the German high seas fleet, unfortunately not so simple now we're at the other end of the UK! Anyway, next question, staying in Orkney - what is the name of the Neolithic village, uncovered by a storm in 1850, now described as the best preserved prehistoric village in northern Europe?
  2. Mainland in the Orkney Islands, its in Stromness if my memory is correct. Mr me N u
  3. Ding to pajjaholic - despite our slightly incorrect question - your assumption is indeed what we were asking.
  4. Thank you, we didn't really expect that! On with the quiz, when Japanese is translated into English every word ends with a vowel or which letter?
  5. You could also try adopt a cache
  6. 1235 feet (376m/411 yards) The listing said the cache was at "the base of the right signpost" fortunately there were not too many signposts in the area.
  7. There is NO way we would have attempted GCC52E without a 4WD As the cache description states: THIS GEOCACHE IS LOCATED IN ONE OF THE MOST HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS ON EARTH. Driving is over soft sand in temperatures that often reach 50°C with little chance of recovery other than self help. Walking for assistance is not an option. You have been warned. This geocache is located in one of the most hostile environments on Earth. No one should attempt it except under the guidance of someone experienced in the area and extremely confident of their abilities. You must be properly prepared including having a contingency if vehicles break down. There is little chance of assistance other then self help and the nearest paved road could be as far as 70kms away. Driving is over soft sand in temperatures that often reach 50°C. You have been warned. So yes a cache can require a 4WD
  8. 7 years 8 months and 1 day - GCC52E also FTF on GC113B1 over 4 years after placed. Oh the joys of caching in the desert.
  9. A suspected armchair log on one of our earthcaches (subsequently confirmed) led us to this cache listing
  10. Found it Found it 24/02/2015 tftc View Log
  11. Cacher 2 Found it Found it 20/08/2014 Cache missing today. Cacher 1 Found it Found it 17/08/2014 DNF on this one. On to the next one....
  12. How about Lincolnshire - specifically the hill that Lincoln cathedral is on?
  13. We found the final stage of multi GC6PN5 (on 17 May 2013) by accident, as our log says we stopped for lunch, thought this would be a good spot for a cache, moved a stone in a hole and hey presto - and yes we did do the rest of the stages.
  14. I found this report very interesting, when contrasted against my estimate of 15%. So, I decided to keep closer track of the caches I placed maintenance notes on last month. This was a mix of caches that had been disabled for too long (more than two months), and caches with a bad history of DNF's and/or maintenance requests, etc. All owners were given four weeks to respond in some way. Out of the 100 caches I tracked, eleven were enabled by the owner, five were archived by the owner, and three escaped the reaper because the owner posted a progress note. Earlier this week, I archived the remaining 81 caches. On the bright side, geocachers in my review territory are marginally less likely to waste time hunting for caches that weren't being maintained. Are we alone in wondering how many owners of those 81 now archived caches are still actively out finding caches?
  15. Found it Found it 24/12/2014 I've found this one before back in March 2014 but saw the bushes were cut back this time, so looked for where I'd last found it out of curiosity. Unless the hiding place has been updated since then, it appears to be gone
  16. 31st January 2015 photo shows Mr me N u on his way to GC43R06
  17. We're thinking London, specifically to enable MPs to get to the Houses of parliament - just a distant thought that s ringing a bell.
  18. Just lucky timing when answering the last question, so to change the subject totally. The acronym LASER stands for what?
  19. According to Mrs me N u, who's just been watching the news on TV, its Lithuania.
  20. A quick look at our nearest 200 caches showed:- 24 caches listed as containing a total of 32 trackables, of which 28 were definitely ghosts.
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