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  1. Thank you - it was just a fluke! Hopefully this question isn't too obscure or controversial. Cumbria, how many lakes are in the Lake District?
  2. We'll have a guess at they share a name - Richard Burton - one was a Victorian explorer of Arabia who went to mecca although not a muslim and the other the welsh actor. The penny dropped whilst reading a book about early travellers in Arabia (we lived in Saudi Arabia for a while and have several books on the region) whilst listening to Jeff Waynes War of the worlds narrated by the Welshman, otherwise we would not have had a clue!
  3. We helped TB3MZ8T (Bob's Adventure) on its journey, so it is definitely a feasible option.
  4. Try your local bookshop - especially the "local area" section - there are probably books with circular walks not necessarily purely for geocaching, but it a fair assumption that many of those walks will have caches.
  5. DING goes to hal-an-tow! Vivian Fuchs was the leader of the 1st expedition to cross Antarctica and incidentally it was also the first to reach the South pole overland since Scott's expedition in 1912! Ernest Shackleton's expedition attempted the crossing but obviously didn't succeed. Edmund Hilary was apparently involved in Fuchs' expedition but in the support team - had to look that up.
  6. Not Amundsen or Frank Wild We didn't think this question would go on as long as it has, sorry! Here are a couple of hints - the expedition was led by V----- F---- and took place during the International Geophysical year 1957/58
  7. Thank you for the ding - the expedition story was covered in a TV documentary whose name we are unable to remember but it is the sort of thing we like! Staying with Antarctica for the next question, the Shackleton led expedition was attempting to be the first to cross the continent via the South pole - who led the expedition that eventually succeeded?
  8. Possibly Elephant Island (where the majority of the party stayed) and South Georgia after the epic open boat journey.
  9. We'll go for pajaholic's answer as that is what we were looking for when we set the question.
  10. Thank you - amazing what you remember from school! Next question - what were the colonial era names of Zambia and Zimbabwe?
  11. From geography classes a long time ago - Zambia and Zimbabwe?
  12. Why is the ignore list not a list option? Maybe its just us - we wanted to add some caches to our ignore list using this function, but the only options we had were our regular bookmark lists.
  13. [ Bowler stumping a batsman for leaving his ground during/at end of bowler's run up.? Its back to the pavilion for that question - over to you dodgydaved. To enlighten those who didn't know about the West Indies v Zimababwe under 19 match settled by this dismissal, it is quite legal for the bowler to run out the non striking batsmen but it is considered polite to first warn the batsmen that he would be run out if the opportunity arose again. If no warning is given and the dismissal occurs it is known as a "Mankad" after the Indian bowler who was the first to run out a non striking batsmen without giving the warning.
  14. Well you're no "Stupid boy" , carry on soldier. Thank you - not too difficult for an ex airman! A change of subject now to sport and cricket in particular. It is perfectly legal but apparently very lacking in etiquette, so what is a "Mankad" dismissal?
  15. We accidentally found out the why whilst reading another website, but have no idea on the who.
  16. Since that CO's log, 15 people have taken them up on their suggestion and posted selfie pictures instead of photos from the no-longer-available webcam. There is a now archived webcam cache close to us that has 96 "found it" logs where selfies were posted between the time the webcam was removed and the local reviewer found out - over a 15 month periodand several needs maintenance logs.
  17. A virtual cache featuring a memorial plaque that is currently inaccessible due to building works, seems any old plaque will do or a photo of the area! Found it Found it 07/08/2015 Found the place easily during a nice day in ** ****. Unfortunately could not find the right plaque due to the works. Made a foto log in front of another plaque nearby. Ok? Hello from germany! TFTC Found it Found it 05/08/2015 Couldn't get to the information due to building works. A nice location , I have a photo of the area if required. Found it Found it 04/08/2015 Had a sneaky walk to this one while the children were in The Slots! Sadly unable to see the plaque due to the building works. Maybe next year?! Tftc Found it Found it 03/08/2015 Found the spot but quickly realised we were going to be foiled by the building work. Attached is a photo of a (but not the) plaque. Hope that's ok? Found it Found it 02/08/2015 Same as all the others I am afraid. It is being done up which is good for the coastguard but not so good for caching. TFTC in this beautiful area. Found it Found it 02/08/2015 I found the place.... Hidden behind *** whatever it's in English . Instead I admit a photo of the environment, my GPS and me. And yes, I found the other plaque near by. But this was not the one I was looking for... Found it Found it 01/08/2015 Found the information from the Ingress portal as the area was still under construction . Enjoying the views around ** ****. TFTC Found it Found it 31/07/2015 Building work still covering up location, so pic attached instead. Hope that will suffice? TFTC ☺ #338
  18. Good guess! Over to you. We only recently found out the name of the chart, apparently its named after a 19th century Dutch opthalmologist!
  19. over to you for that whiskey flavored ding Many thanks for that - can't stand the stuff myself - but lived close by for many years whilst in the RAF and took many visitors on the whisky trail around the distilleries. Mr me N u Next question - what is a snellen chart used for? (most people will have seen one at some stage in their life)
  20. Hazard a guess at the Spey, as a lot of distilleries are in Speyside.
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