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  1. Ring ring to speakers-corner. 60p is the answer we were looking for Technically the correct answer, but not the one we had in mind, sorry.
  2. Thank you searcherdog. What is the minimum cost of making a phone call from a BT public phone?
  3. We have moved one such trackable - TB3MZ8T "Bob's adventure, still travelling after 6 years.
  4. barefootjeff is obviously one of the lucky ones, within 20Km of our home coordinates there are 1693 caches 560 micros (33.43%) 728 small (43.46%) 141 regular (8.41%) 7 large (0.42%) 239 other (14.27%) 18 unknown (1.06%) 8 of the other size are earthcaches and we know from experience that some of the small are in fact micros.
  5. No trick question - ding goes to Optimist on the run!
  6. Thank you, we didn't expect the ding as it was a stab in the dark, our original answer was the same as speakers-corner. What colour is the filling in a traditional oreo biscuit (cookie)?
  7. As the question setter is Australian, we assume it was an Australian member of the armed forces, but as to a name we have not got a clue.
  8. A swift ding to TheOldfields, 15 reds, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 pink, 1 black and 1 white - the cue ball which we thought people may not count!
  9. Thank you for the ding, sorry for the delay, we used to enjoy watching Adam hart Davis' various programmes. Next question - How many balls are on a snooker table at the start of a frame?
  10. We have a trackable on a specific mission and delete all visit/took it to logs that are nothing to do with its mission - these are usually blank entries anyway, but we have kept the discovered logs.
  11. The very cold DING goes to speakers-corner. Kind of puts the current UK "cold weather" into perspective doesn't it.
  12. Not a "stan" Not Bhutan Not Peking either - but getting closer.
  13. Thnk you for the ding. Staying with capital cities:- with an ANNUAL average temperature of minus 1.3C, it is the coldest national capital, but which city or country?
  14. ******** Premium Member 2255 Found it 07/02/2018 How ironic that the cache with the best view is the only one that’s missing , and what a great view it is too .As the CO doesn’t cache anymore and it’s obviously missing due to the precise hint I’ve replaced it with a micro.
  15. Quite happy to place a cache but not very happy to maintain a cache. Temporarily Disable Listing 20/01/2018 This one will remain disabled for the foreseeable. I am quite offended this cache has been left on full view by cachers and as a result has now gone missing, which means I will have to make a hundred mile drive to replace a film pot at the base of a tree. I try to introduce church micros to the lake district and this is how I am repaid.
  16. Beach Hut just beat us to it! Our 5 were:- Sweden = Stockholm Kuwait = Kuwait City Mexico = Mexico City Belize = Belmopan Brazil = Brasillia
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