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  1. Thank you, watching pointless obviously hasn’t been wasted time. For the next question, in the name of the bank what do the initials HSBC stand for?
  2. One way to "find" D5 T4.5 caches! Publish Listing 26/06/2020 Published Found it 21/06/2020 I was fortunate enough to join the CO in hiding this cache.
  3. Ding to colleda. In the introduction to the book, Stephen Hawking informs that he was told “he would lose half the readers for every equation he included” but thought that Einstein's e =mc2 was well known enough to include.
  4. Has nobody else got a copy? Here's a hint - it's somewhere between zero and two ?
  5. Didn’t expect the ding, but thank you! A simple question now - how many equations did Stephen Hawking include in “A brief history of time”?
  6. We think the front was a pig/piglet but not a clue on the rear end - have seen it mentioned on one of the food history programmes.
  7. Ding to MartyBartfast - Kazakhstan is the info. we had.
  8. At least we didn't fall flat on our faces - thank you MartyBartfast. Staying with geography, what is the name of the largest landlocked country?
  9. Let’s see if our confidence is misplaced ? 1) Mount Everest 2) We think it’s in Ecuador, and the distance from the earths centre is due to the earth not being a perfect sphere and bulging slightly at the equator, but we have no idea of the name. 3) Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
  10. We are fairly confident about 1 and 3 and the country for 2 but unfortunately not the name.
  11. How would your suggestion work for puzzles not written in english or even in a differnt alphabet - arabic or cyrillic for example?
  12. Over to searcherdog - decimal 5p and 10p coins were introduced into circulation.
  13. Thank you, and on 23 April 1968 what was introduced in the UK?
  14. In the VERY unlikely case of travelling from South East UK to Cornwall in order to "visit" one virtual cache before returning to London - at least 300 miles each way, could this be used against them by the police as evidence of ignoring the current lockdown/no unnecessary travel and thus leave them open to prosecution? In all honesty we know that "Stormy weather" was not visited on the day logged.
  15. Of absolutely no interest to anybody but, Victoria park in Redruth, Cornwall, UK is still open.
  16. A speedy ding to dodgydavid, sadly Patrick Moore is no more but the programme is still broadcast on BBC 4.
  17. Thank you for the ding, took us long enough to think of an answer and didn't even think of Hillsborough? Hope this next question doesn't exclude the non British participants - which long running British TV programme's theme tune is "At the castle gate" by Jean Sibelius? The piece of music in question
  18. Been thinking about this for a while now and finally came up with a possible 2nd answer so here goes 1957 Manchester United, Munich, West Germany (as was) 1985 Liverpool, Heysel stadium, Belgium.
  19. Snipping your quote, we generally pick and choose caches to search for using a GPSr (Oregon 600) not smartphone, in our experience checking for TBs in caches prior to trips is pretty pointless due to so many "ghost" trackables, we count ourselves quite fortunate if a listed trackable is still in a cache.
  20. Not Seoul, Sydney or Helsinki. Big hint now - it is one of the cities that has hosted the summer olympics since Sydney (2000)
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