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  1. It seems we have been relatively fortunate, so far we have had one 'found it' with no answers - that log was deleted after contacting the logger and receiving no reply. Another logger sent the answers after we contacted them. We currently have a 'found it' dated 3rd July with no answers and we will contact at the end of July as we think its a holiday find - the answers to our questions can be found on site, so if they have internet access to log a find, why not send the answers? Generally speaking we will wait about a calender month before sending the reminder.
  2. We try and log our visit at the same time as we send the answers - if we have been on holiday or it is a few days later we just date our log as the day we actually visited. Some earthcaches require research for the answers and we will not log until we think we have them.
  3. We bought an Explorist GC in the USA last year and have used it in Cornwall - the preloaded maps generally displayed the country lanes if you zoomed in far enough and it seemed to be very accurate in position, the only annoying feature was that the compass rose "spins" when you are stationary. We use pocket queries to download caches in the area we wish to visit - at 1000 caches a time, and it is capable of storing 10,000 caches complete with listings and hints etc, it gives plenty of choice!
  4. A bit off topic here - we`re from Cornwall and woking in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. FTFs are definately not a big thing here - we recently had a FTF on a cache that was placed 4 years and 3 months before! (GC113B1) and we have claimed a FTF for GCHYKN 5 years 9 months and 27 days after placing (we did have to replace it though - 100% certain of its location) and that cache was less than 1 mile from tarmac!
  5. Can you email me privately? menugeocaching@gmail.com and I'll send details (sorry, for security reasons I can't post them here) Ellie
  6. It's 10 years since the first cache was hidden in Saudi Arabia - let's celebrate! Come with us in September and celebrate 10 years of geocaching at the first cache hidden in Saudi Arabia. This is a 2WD trip, but 4WD will be more fun! For more details, please email menugeocaching@gmail.com
  7. We are proud to introduce the new Saudi Geocachers logo to you all. http://www.saudigeocachers.com/images/saudigeocacherslogofinal.jpg The logo was designed by Dale Hubert, the creator of the Flat Stanley Project. Flat Stanley is the international literacy and community building activity for students of all ages, teachers and families. Flat Stanley is a frequent member of geocaching trips in Saudi Arabia - turning Saudi geocaching tripsinto an educational adventure for 3rd and 4th graders in a school in Pennsylvania, USA. Explanation of the logo: the 4 points of the compass are represented by the coloured triangles - the colours taken from the original www.geocaching.com 4-square logo. Compass the Camel is our mascot - he is poking his head through the points of the compass expanding his adventures to new horizons. Thank you Dale for your creative design! It is really appreciated! The logo is now available for download on the website.
  8. We added about 1000Kms (600 miles) to a trip after developing an earthcache (GC2NJ9A)to revisit GCHANK as we had previously logged a DNF and it was subsequently found so we knew it was there! The extension involved camping in a sandstorm and a 14 hour drive home the next day in the same sandstorm.
  9. ZERO caches within 10 miles. Our nearest cache is 12 miles away.
  10. Don't write it off till you have checked. Looking at the scenery, the remoteness, there's a good chance it's still there. We have found caches in Saudi Arabia that have been hidden longer without a single find - till us that is. In fact, Khashm Al Sana'a on the Hejaz Railway was a FTF after 5 YEARS 9 MONTHS AND 27 DAYS SINCE PLACED; and then AlKhatla Dahl after 3 years and an update of coordinates. Pack your car and sandladders and go have fun :-D It'll make a great episode for the Treasure Hunters. "FTF after xxx years!"
  11. We now have 16 people signed up for the 1st Saudi CITO. You still have time to let us know you are coming! :-D
  12. Hi Meeper We will see you on April 28 at the 1st Saudi CITO! In the meantime, if you want to organize or suggest a cache hunt - let other cachers in Saudi Arabia know - post it on Events on the website :-D Just log on and go to the Members Menu. Other members/geocachers will see the posting and can contact you directly. If you want an email sent to members, sent your text to admin@saudigeocachers.com and we'll help you. Cheers, me N u
  13. About 1,400 Kms (900 miles)from home at cache GCHANK. After a multi day non geocaching camping trip we had a spare day and took a detour to revisit this cache we had previously DNF`d. After about an hour of off road driving we reached the area and this time quickly found the cache - on our previous visit we spent over an hour searching - only to find thaht the pen in the cache was not working and we did not have a pen or pencil with us in the car, as this was an extra to our planned trip we did not bring our cache repair kit with us, so we improvised and took a photo of the container and posted that as our log entry The cache is at least 1 1/2 hours off road drive each way from the nearest petrol station/town so buying a pencil and returning was not an option. We camped the night close to the cache and drove home the next day - a 14 hour drive. So needless to say we will not be revisiting just to sign a logbook.
  14. Try Fizzy calc - [url="http://www.fizzymagic.net/Geocaching/FizzyCalc/ It should do what you are after (and more) and its free!
  15. Congratulations everyone! We may not have powertrails to pump up the numbers, but we have good quality caches! 800 seems such a large number in countries with <200 caches each. Keep on caching :-D
  16. Hi everyone The 1st Saudi CITO is now an official event: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=60e7b0fe-f422-4950-918f-11a45a40d8f5 We have 2 signed up online and another 6 by email :-D plus me N u = 10 people...so far.... Please sign up and make this unique event (for Saudi Arabia!) a success.
  17. Hello! Great intro to the show! Wishing you all the best with it. We will be holding the 1st Saudi CITO on 28 April - BBQ, cache and get-n-greet for the many new cachers we have in Saudi now. I think that would be a good episode idea - if you can come to Riyadh.....
  18. We have posted the test trailer and info about the series on the Saudi Geocachers website - with VirusZero's blessing.
  19. Congratulations to me N u on reaching Platinum earthcache master
  20. This group has grown up and is now www.saudigeocachers.com - log on and find out what all the fuss is about! We are now on Facebook and Twitter - making it easier for you to stay up to date.
  21. The Groundspeak weekly updated posted this information this week: "Cache In Trash Out (CITO) is the geocaching community's initiative to clean up parks and other cache-friendly places around the world. While out hunting for a geocache, geocachers collect litter along the trails and properly dispose of it. The community also supports the initiative by organizing larger cleanup efforts known as CITO Events. These events may occur at any time of year, but many are held during the annual international Cache In Trash Out Weekend each spring. This year, Cache In Trash Out weekend is scheduled for April 30 & May 1, 2011. Over the course of 2010, the community held nearly 400 CITO Events. Many of those were during Cache In Trash Out Weekend. Let's beat that record! Start planning your CITO events now!" We have posted a CITO event suggestion on the website www.saudigeocachers.com - for the Riyadh area for the weekend of 28-29 April 2011 since we are all working on the "real" weekend - if we get enough people interested to qualify for an EVENT we will post it officially on www.GC.com We have several new geocachers in the area and thought this would be a good way to introduce them to the group, the hobby/sport/activity and have a social event while helping the environment. What are you doing in your area?
  22. I think that information about geocaching in Arabic is definitely needed - and would love to share more information in Arabic on our website....we currently have one article and one video posted by a new cacher here in Riyadh - falsafat. Please keep us in mind when starting this project as "Saudi Geocachers" is not a geographically isolated group - and we enjoy members around the world - who have at some time or are presently geocaching in the Middle East.
  23. We have used the "dipping" option several times, as we picked up some trackables whilst on holiday fully intending to drop them off, but on return (to Saudi Arabia)were unable to go geocaching due to work, (we did contact the owners and inform them.)We did manage a week of geocaching but this was to some very remote caches which were seldom visited - this trip was planned months in advance - so we dipped the trackables into these caches so they could visit the country and at the next opportunity we dropped them off "properly" in some regularly visited caches.
  24. Good to see geocaching in a positive light in the news. Funny how these articles aren`t mentioned in the weekly newsletter (probably because its outside the U.S.A.!!)
  25. Just whet your whistle: we have a new member in Saudi Geocachers (falsafat) who has kindly submitted our first Arabic language content and an Arabic language video of his first geocache find! http://www.saudigeocachers.com/index.php?o...l&Itemid=58 Please submit content or photos of your geocaching activities in Saudi Arabia (and the Middle East!): put your name up in lights - kind of....
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