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  1. 11 hours ago, thebruce0 said:

    Yep. And I have no issue with seeing another listing almost identical; no harm in that. But returning to see an entirely different listing than what you found is a bit different than that...

    There's subjectivity in deciding how 'different' a listing should be before publishing a new one. That debate could rage into the foreseeable future :P

    One of our finds has had its name, description, location and size changed post adoption, the new CO only kept the GC code and hidden date the same.

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  2. 6 hours ago, JL_HSTRE said:

    @Keystone how do we get Groundspeak to put a stop to these armchair Adventure Labs?


    If Groundspeak doesn't act to prohibit this style of Lab then it will probably be the final straw that prompts me to quit geocaching.

    No need to quit geocaching, just quit lab caching.

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  3. On 8/26/2021 at 11:03 PM, barefootjeff said:

    I go to Play - Search, then in the opening page I click in the City, state, coordinates, GC code... box and select Home Location - 16km radius option:




    That then brings up all the caches within that radius, including ones I've found and ones I own:




    If I click on Filters and do anything, for example select Not found by me and Caches I don't own, it then throws away my search location and radius and instead does a worldwide search:





    On 8/27/2021 at 10:33 AM, MartyBartfast said:

    The way the tick boxes work is counter intuitive. By default none of these boxes are ticked and intuitively I would expect this search to return no results (because I haven't selected any cache type or D/T or size)  but the search behaves as if ALL were ticked :-




    Just have to speak up on this one.


    Nearly gave up searching because of these 2 glitches intentional features, I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world but at least I could use the previous search to provide meaningful results.


    Mr me N u

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  4. 2 hours ago, mustakorppi said:

    Yeah, and some people are creeped out by the prospect of someone casing them like this, possibly because a similar thing has lead to unwanted interactions in the past. I don’t really see why anything further needs to be said on the topic.

    If somebody is "creeped out" by the prospect of someone casing them, why would they contact the cache owner (probably a total stranger) at all?

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  5. 7 hours ago, barefootjeff said:


    I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, I'm appreciative of the D/T and cache type restrictions on the basic level app protecting most of my caches from muggles-with-apps, although last year's lockdown-bred PM muggles-with-apps created enough mayhem, with one of them using my cache as a urinal. But on the other hand, a new basic member won't have much available in my area, just 9 caches to pick from and an event at the end of January to attend if they haven't lost interest by then.




    When I got into caching I didn't have a smart phone, so my introduction was through the website and downloading .loc files to my newly-purchased Garmin 62S. I immediately experienced many of the higher terrain caches in the bushland around here and was hooked. Had I been an app-only newbie I doubt whether those handful of roadside hides would have held my interest, although that one with the star on it near Patonga might have :).


    Basic member caches in your small area should count themselves lucky - in the WHOLE of Kuwait (where Mrs me N u is currently working) there are a grand total of 5 caches available to basic members who are not military personnel.


    Edit - and only 16 non military available caches in total.

  6. GC2NQZP Sembawang hot spring in Sinagapore.


    An earthcache that epitomises geocaching for us - somewhere we would never have found as it is not listed on any tourist sites or in any guide books, it involved a train and bus journey followed by a short walk around the boundary fence of a military installation, said fence had been diverted to allow public access to the hot spring and as we were approaching the entrance an elderly local gentleman rode past us on a bicycle and pointed whilst shouting "hot spring, hot spring" a special memory for us!

  7. We refer to GZ as the point on the surface of the earth that our GPSR takes us to when navigating to the listed coordinates, and at least here in the UK, Groundspeak geocache listings DO NOT include elevation, so apart from attributes/cache description, we have no way of knowing the elevation - we have found a cache in a mine shaft where the listed coordinates were vertically above the cache but the entrance was some distance off and those coordinates listed as a waypoint (with no elevation information). 

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