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  1. Yes, your log in the log book shows that you visited the cache. Dipping is a way to show that trackables in your possession also visited the cache. Some cachers keep a personal geocoin or TB that always stays with them: They will use it to dip through every cache they visit so that its mileage reflects their own geocaching travels. MrsB I have a personal travel bug that I have "dipped" in several caches but the mileage still says 0. Am I doing something wrong????
  2. Thanks for the ideas... What do I do with the .LOC file though??? Sorry for my ignorance....
  3. Thank you! I got it to work for MY hides. Great. Now to work on my friends. She has 101 hides, so it's going to take a while to bookmark them all. Seems like there should be an option on the 'create pocket query' page to select all caches by a particular user name.... Thanks again!
  4. How do I create a pocket query/bookmark list of all the hides for a friend of mine? I would also like to create one of all MY hides. I guess this would be the equivalent of a pocket query of all hides for a particular user.... HELP PLEASE!
  5. I would like to receive new cache listings via an instant text message on my phone (as opposed to getting an email). Can this be done? If not, can it be considered for a future release?????
  6. I did not get an email notification yesterday of a new cache that was published 2 miles from me, and I did not receive an email when someone logged a find on one of my caches. This was just yesterday, Wednesday, so something is still not working right.
  7. When I go to babelfish, I copy and paste the German text into the Translate field, select German to English and click on "Translate", then it just takes me to another page with a bunch of different links for translation websites. It doesn't appear to be translating the text or at least it is not showing it to me.
  8. Okay nevermind. I got it. You have to click on "Post Log" which then brings up the log screen. Maybe this button should say "Edit/Post Log".
  9. After I enter field notes on my phone, I go to the geocaching website to post them. However, I would like to view and/or edit the notes before I post. I do not seem to have that option. My only options are Post Log, Delete Log, Clear All Field Notes. I can click on the cache name, but that only takes me to the cache page.
  10. I also have a Garmin eTrex Venture HC. I found that if I have too many caches already download to my GPS that it will not load anymore. Nowhere in the Garmin documentation does it say there is a limit to how many you can add. But once I delete some of them, I am able to add more.....
  11. I have a travel bug that has made its way to Germany. All of the log entries are in German! Can GC.com translate them to English since the owner (me) resides in the USA? Any other suggestions on how I can read these German logs?
  12. I've noticed the same thing.... and as far as I can tell, it doesn't update.... my one friends hidden numbers has not updated in months.
  13. Thank you for the mention of the other thread. I am new to this forum and was not aware of it. As far as the browser search idea - I will give that a try. Thanks again! That is something I can do in the interim.
  14. I really like the idea of TPTB adding functionality to accomplish this. In the meantime, I will try the greasemonkey tool but the less "other stuff" I have to install on my PC, the better. Be reading the threads, this seems like a simple enough fix.
  15. Hello there. I have a couple of suggestions for future releases of the web page/iPhone application. It would be nice if: 1. When I enter a GC code (cache code) on the Geocaching home page, it would be nice if the cache page had some indicator on it saying that it is a cache I have already found (or logged something like a DNF). 2. The ability to search my log entries for a particular cache. Sometimes I go caching with friends and my friends put together the list for the day. I may have previously found a cache which they have not. But I may have found that cache a year ago and don’t remember. It would be nice to be able to search through what I’ve found to see if it’s there or to be able to pull up the cache page and have there be an indicator of some sort that I found it. I know there has got to be a lot of other people out there who feel the same way. Thank you for your consideration.
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