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  1. Just an FYI, I bought My first Palm IIIxe off eBay, it was a knock off product that used the Palm PDS programs. It only lasted a little more then a month, before it bombed out. Also it was a battery hog!


    I suggest going to a store and buying a unit from them. I purchased a color Palm Z22 for $89 from a office super store. it has a 32m of memory along with a lithium rechargeable battery, the one draw back is the screen is a little smaller. But so is the unit.

  2. This is starting to get old real quick, I am trying to go paperless caching but I keep running into road blocks. My first palm pilot which I bought off ebay stop working before I could figure out the plucker program. So I finally went out and bought a Palm Z22 for caching, I was having problem loading the plucker program on it. To many different options to pick. So I decided to try CacheMate.


    So this is were I am at, I got the Pocket Queries coming to my e-mail address in zip files, and I have cachemate the free version loaded to my Z22. When I drag the zip file onto the file converter file, the file converter window pops up , along with the file import options. I configure it with all boxes check except for the decode hints by default box checked. I am getting these instructions of the Maryland GC Assoc. Web page. When I click on OK on that window, it come up with CMC Convert window along with how many files were converted., again I click on OK.


    When I hit the HotSyns bottom on my PDA, it goes through the process, but the cache pages are not loaded. I can transfer other information between my palm and computer with no problem, so I figure I must be missing some thing in the process. After I loaded the caheMate to my Palm, it did have me reset my PDA, which I did.


    Any ideals or suggestion , they will be greatly appreciated. If this has been covered in another thread sorry for the double post. :)

  3. SixDoTteam as a good point, why cant we discuess this here, it is part of the midwest, or at least the last time I checked it was, or did I down load the wrong datum point? :laughing:

  4. This sounds like a real wild question, has any body ever the thought of splitting up the MnGCA in to smaller groups, when I was going through some of the forums on the GC forums I notice that some states have done that, due to the size of the area they covered and other reasons.


    Can the current MnGCA serve all the members in the entire state effectively, are all the members needs the same. The needs and views of the cachers in Hibbing and Luverne Minnesota can be totally different then the ones in the Twin Cites area.


    I also know there are members who think that MnGCA should head in one direction, and there are other members who think that it should head a 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Some members are willing to let there point be known, while others sit back and grumble underneath there breath.


    I know this tread is opening up a hornets nest, its just some thing to think about.

  5. I am trying to down load cache pages to my palm pilot, I am using GPX spinner, and Plucker programs.


    I am going through the instructions that I found, and it is telling me to look for a file called index htm file from my pocket query. this is the file that I am suppose to point it out for plucker, but I don’t see one. Did I do something wrong here? :anibad:

  6. Some people are so closed minded, I thought geocaching was a some thing that a parent could share with there kids, for some quality time. So if its on a school play ground who cares.


    I thought schools are for teaching, no matter what the subject may be.

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