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  1. Here we go again with my lack of computer knowledge. I have cache aye loaded in my palm, no problem there. I have GSAK loaded on my computer no problem there. I have pocket quarries coming to me via e-mail in zip format, no problem there.


    About a week ago I down loaded over 600 caches on my palm, instead of weeding them out to get rid of some, I just deleted all the caches that I had in cachemate and would just start over again. Since then ever time I tried to load more caches on my palm, I only get 21one of the original caches that I loaded.


    Here is my theory what could be going on, first maybe I am screwing up on the way I have my pocket quarries coming to me, or since I have not paid for GSAK yet that it will not allow me to download more files yet.


    Any ideals.

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