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  1. GSAK and Cachemate. I have that warm and fuzy feeling.
  2. Nice looking unit, I wish I was in the market for another GPS.
  3. Earlier in the year I seen Garmin Etrex Legends with free mapping software at a local chain sporting goods store for $159 I am sure you can find one for less then that now. Shop around a little.
  4. I will take it please e-mail me with info, thanks.
  5. I would have to say judging from the cache page you did an excellent job for your first hide. I just wish it were closer so I could try for a FTF on it, but Minnesota is a little far away from it.
  6. I have a Palm Z22 and it works GREAT, I would use GSAK and CacheMate for the program to access the pages that you down load.
  7. I would have to say at least 30 minutes for me; also it depends on what the weather condition.
  8. I can think of two listing for Minnesota caches off the top of my head, I would say go for it.
  9. I believe that my Garmin GPS 72 should weigh about the same as the 76 models.
  10. Or think of it this way, your GPS is right on the money and the person that placed the cache is 100 feet off.
  11. Don't worry I asked the same question.
  12. Is this going to be tied in with the MNGCA?
  13. Great news video about geocaching, I give it two thumbs up. A big AT A BOY!! Should be given to all who was involved.
  14. Thanks I wasn’t aware of the GSAK forum.
  15. Here we go again with my lack of computer knowledge. I have cache aye loaded in my palm, no problem there. I have GSAK loaded on my computer no problem there. I have pocket quarries coming to me via e-mail in zip format, no problem there. About a week ago I down loaded over 600 caches on my palm, instead of weeding them out to get rid of some, I just deleted all the caches that I had in cachemate and would just start over again. Since then ever time I tried to load more caches on my palm, I only get 21one of the original caches that I loaded. Here is my theory what could be going on, first maybe I am screwing up on the way I have my pocket quarries coming to me, or since I have not paid for GSAK yet that it will not allow me to download more files yet. Any ideals.
  16. I think I know where 5 cents is going with this, there ia a lot of mud slinging go on in a certain state. and that is all I am going to say about this.
  17. Maybe since you are just starting out you might want to buy a plain gray scale unit. that would knock off at least 100 bucks, I use a Garmin GPS72 which is not color and it works fine. The choice would be your though, Good Luck!
  18. I picked up a palm Z22 for under a 100 bucks, I love it so far got cacemate and GSAK loaded in. Now I just have to figure out all the functions and how to use them.
  19. Ok how do you down load the cachemate cords into my GPS.
  20. seattle2222 was right on the money with his post.
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