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  1. I have another question about bench marking; I just want to make sure that I am doing it right.

    When you see a listing as a water tower or TV mast, does that mean that the benchmark is that item listed or is there a survey disk under it? Just want to make sure that I take the correct picture of it.

  2. I don’t know if this has been covered before but I thought I would ask it anyway. With the fuel cost around three bucks a gallon, and the lack of new gouaches in the area I was thinking about checking out benchmark hunting, I have hunted a few elevated water tanks in my travels but I think I want to try and find one of those disc.


    I know you need a GPS for this and even a PDA to download the information about the benchmark and a camera to take a picture of it, but what else do you recommend for a newbie at this, or what do you use when you go hunting?


    Thanks for any help.

  3. Come honor Minnesota geocacher King Boreas and celebrate his 1000th cache hide (the 1000th hide IS NOT at the event, you have to work a wee bit harder than that to claim it!)


    Sunday July 16th 2006 10 am till ??


    Riverfront Regional Park ( shelter #2)

    5100 East River Road

    Fridley Minnesota


    Use waypoint (GCJ6BH) for more information.



  4. I have a Z22 which I bought for 100 bucks, it has a color screen with a built in rechargeable battery. I first tried buying a palm IIIxe on ebay cheap, but it was junk didnt last more than a month. I also run cacheMate and GSAK programs.

  5. I had purchase what I thought was an official Palm IIIxe off Ebay for going paperless; it worked fine for a couple of sets of batteries ran through it. The next time I installed a new set of batteries in it, the unit would not turn on. Doing all the usually trouble shooting on it, making sure the batteries are good and in the correct position. I tried a resetting the unit with the reset button and still nothing.


    After I looked at it closer it looks like this could be a copy of a palm unit since there is no serial number or company label on the back of the unit, and I did not get any software for it. Did I get screwed on this? Or does any one have any ideals about the knock out versions of the palm IIIxe units.


    Can it be fixed or should I just throw it away and take it as a lesson learned.

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