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  1. I have bought a Palm IIIxe; I believe it is a knock off due to no serial number on the back. It worked fine when I first got it, but now it doesn’t work at all. I tried fresh batteries, pushing in the reset button and still nothing. Any ideals or did I waste my money, and I should just pitch it in the trash and be done with it?

  2. Check out Wal-Mart, a friend of mine scored a Magellan Explorer 200 for $74 bucks. That sounded like one heck of a deal. Personally myself all I have used is Garmin.


    Be a little careful about buying a used one, I bought a used Garmin etrax vista off the forums, and it must of taken a heck of a smack, ever once in while when it gets bump while caching it shuts off. To get it fixed it would cost me $140 bucks, for that I could of bought a new one. Just an FYI.

  3. When you come up with a design make sure you post it on the MNGCA forum. I am sure that some people would bi interested in a coin from our neighbors to the south of us.


    Hey do you know what the best thing that comes out of Iowa is?

  4. There last two finds have been near the Woodbury Minnesota area, this is the first time I heard of their name. Maybe they lost it in the move, but I hope not.


    Have your tried to post this topic on the MNGCA forum, maybe some has run into them.


    Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  5. I am running CacheMate the paid version on a Palm Z22, The last couple of times that I have tried doing a search of nearest caches, I keep getting an error message stating.


    Error Building Cache List

    An error or user cancel was encountered while building the nearest cache list


    I am not canceling the search either so it has to be an error. I looked at the memory status on my Palm, and according to that I have used 9.5M of 24.6m, so I am thinking the memory might not be the problem. Has any one else ever seen this message?


    Any Ideal on what I can do to fix this?

  6. I have added this message to all of my geocoins and TB due to the Geocoin Pirate.


    Due to recent Geocoin Pirate activities in the Missouri area pillaging caches for coins, I am asking that all of my Geocoins and Travel bugs stay clear of Missouri. Thanks Fireman121

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