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  1. I am looking for a handheld GPS that I can download lake maps into and is capable of street mapping, any suggestions on what to buy?
  2. Help..... I switched my computer over from Windows XP to Vista and I am having problems down loading caches to my palm or Garmin from GSAK. Ever time I try to export the caches to Cachemate all the options are blank and when I click on the generate icon I get an error message that states You cannot create a file hear, that folder does not exist. Am I missing some thing here? I am using GSAK 6.6.5 and a palm Z22 along with a Gramin Summit HC which all worked find before I changed systems. And I am a premium member to GC.com. Any suggestions?
  3. I will get rid of plucker program ASAP, thanks for your help.
  4. Ok I down loaded plucker to my laptop when I try to export the caches to cachemate I get an error message stating You cannot create a file here that folder does not exsit. any ideals on what I am doing wrong hear?
  5. my desk top computer took the road to the electronic grave yard and it is time to get my lap top ready for paperless caching. I am using GSAK but I am not sure if the plucker desktop program will work on my laptop or is it the same program?
  6. Nice job Brad it is nice to have A neutral resource paper to read in Minnesota.
  7. I have a used Vista that I found in some leaves I will sell it to the first $5 plus shipping.
  8. And they were way back on March 2nd, I would have to say this is a April Fools joke.
  9. It has to be an April Fools joke if I lost my GPS in some leaves I wouldnt leave untill I can find it. Now tell us the truth did you even have a Vista to start with? If any one has checked out his profile he only has two caches to his credit. If I was closer I would look for it, I could aways use another GPS.
  10. Looking for A bike mount for a etrex sumit any body have one they don't need any more, PM me if you have one.
  11. You got an excellant deal on a starter kit, I paid $100 for my Z22 alone. Happy Caching.
  12. Scary area..... besides who vacations in Detroit
  13. I have brought my GPS as a carry on item the last four plain rides with no proplems, I have even used it while in flight with no questions from the flight crew.
  14. I hit #750 only about a week or two ago currently 12 away from #800 as of today.
  15. Thanks for the help TrailGators I will give them a look.
  16. I was thinking about buying my first lap top and I see that the big blue store with a yellow tag has a Dell AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-core Mobile Technology for $699.99 it has Windows vista Home premium, 2GB DDR2 memory, 250GB hard drive reads and writes CD and DVD’s, ATI Radeon expiree 1270 graphics integrated web cam and microphone. I don’t know what all those numbers and words mean, but this will be replacing our current desk top computer. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  17. WOW…. The MNGCA moderators have threaten me with a seven-day suspension for asking a legimite question about when the November/ December Breakfast buddies event will be. They have locked ever one of my post on this subject telling me to use the same stale thread which at this time is over ten pages long. In my many post asking this question no one can answer this question for me. There are more concerned about micro managing this forum. It seems that the moderators pick and choose which topic should have more then one thread on them, take the weeknight caching crew. I have no problem with them posting a new thread ever week for there unofficial event. But when I make the point about this they state that the post doent warrant its own threads do to the fact of Volume. The Week NIGHT caching threads draw an average of 25+ posts per WEEK. The BB thread has drawn about 135 since December 2004. Why is that event more important? Could this be a little more of the good old boys censorship? I feel that maybe its time to dump the current moderators and get some new people in there, It seems that the officers of the MNGCA are the same as the moderators, and I feel that influences the decision they make. I encourage all clubs and association to look at the officers and moderators and see what kind of decision could be Influence with the same people running the show.
  18. Is any body else having problems getting there coins from Oakcoins coin of the month club, The last coin that I received was for May the mothers day coin, and with another payment around the corner due in July for the August coin that would make them three months behind. Is any one else having this problem?
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