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  1. I am having problems uploaded pictures to my logs to meet the cache owner requirements for there SeaWorld cache in California, every time I start to upload a picture every thing starts ok then about half way through I get an error message from the GC.com website. I have tired different computers in my house with different Windows version and I get the same results.

    Since I cant get a picture posted on my logs the owners of the caches delete them and I lose the credit for the find.


    Here is another question since GC change there logging requirement is a photo really necessary to claim credit for the cache anymore?

  2. PS3 for BluRay, Netflix, and other media things.

    Xbox if your main use is live gaming. You will have to fork out a monthly fee to do that, but once you do Netflix is a bonus.


    For solo gaming and groop coop while gathered round, both are good enough to do the job.


    Thanks for the input.

  3. Stay out of the Anoka County Parks they are not allowed at this time. Today I just place 4 caches in the Coon Rapids area and it wasnt to hard to find a place. Just do a little home work and found out were there is public land and you will get pleanty of idaels. Show up at the Cup of Joe Event in Coon Rapids next week end and get some ideals from some of the veterns there.

  4. I grab my Garmin HC Summit hoping to garb a couple of caches today only to find out that it wouldn’t turn on. I thought to myself I must have left it on and the batteries must have gone dead. Well I have tired three sets of brand new batteries with no luck. When I try to turn the unit on there seems to a flash of life on the screen for a split second but that is it. The unit has not been dropped or abused in any other manner except from going from a inside temperature to an outside one which should be normal ware and tear if you ask me. Is there any suggestion on how to fix this problem or how to reset the unit? The warranty just ran out on it last Thanksgiving Holiday.

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