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  1. I am in 100% agreement that GC should include Virtuals, Webcam's, and maybe even Locationless once again. They seemed to exemplify more of the "hunting" part of the game than LPC's, EGG's, JOE's, etc. Since they made the change a few years back, I logged into the Waymarking site once or twice and hated that the Frog separated them from GC. I'm not going to look in two places to plan a day of caching. And these Challenge things on GC.com are just ridiculous. Almost as pathetic as the Google maps situation. I wish the OP luck in getting the people at GC HQ to rethink their POV on the topic and bring some fun back into the game by allowing these alternative cache categories once again. Hell, I might even continue as a Premium if they start giving us what we'd like sometime.
  2. Well, not all of them, just those users using MyGeocachingProfile. There are other custom stat providers, and most of them provide the full HTML code you can put right into your profile so it doesn't depend on another website being up. See my profile for stats generated by GSAK. Does anyone know what's going on with MyGeocachingProfile.com and when it may be brought back up?
  3. Greetings! This old guy needs some advice. :-) I currently download PQ's into GSAK (& MS Streets and Trips)on my home PC and then further download to a Palm Pilot via CacheMate and the coord's to our handheld GPSr units. I have a chance to pick up one of those discontinued 32g HP tablets at a good price. However, I am not familiar with tablets in general. My kids tell me that I won't have icons and programs like I am used seeing to on my PC. Basically, I am lost. What I am looking to do is to buy the HP tablet (I think this one uses WebOS), load GSAK on it, and download PQ's from GC.com using WiFi hotspots, etc. while we're out in the field. I plan to leave the tablet in the cachemobile and use my handheld GPSr to find the caches. I'd appreciate any input on this (will it work? am I really that out of touch technologically? etc.)
  4. As explained in the thread cited in post #40, the 'loophole' was closed in error. It is expected to be 'reopened' soon. That's good to hear. I made my son log in a bunch of caches this weekend. He was behind in logging, and he came to me today saying that he couldn't log MOC's. Glad to hear that will be fixed.
  5. That works perfectly! Thanks a bunch Coggins!!!
  6. Micro or Regular? Either Traditional or Multi? Traditional Mystery or Earth? Earth In a group or alone? Alone (actually w/ my son) Hiding or Finding? Finding Virtual or Webcam? Either Letterbox or Wherigo? Neither Favorite GPS? Garmin Social(event) or not? Rarely FTF'er or not? Oh yeah! Podcast listener or not? Not usually Out of state or In state? Both "Extreme/Hardcore" or Layed back? Laid back Urban / Rural? Either
  7. Received this GPS as a Christmas gift. Enjoy it alot. BUT, I cannot find a way to Delete All waypoints as I can with my old eTrex legend. Can anyone help me out on this one?
  8. Drove over 400 miles to our old hometown for the weekend getaway and got up to start caching on Sat at 0600 hrs. Gps had the waypoints, printed maps had routes, but I had forgotten to Hot Sync the pda before leaving home. Had to cache blind all weekend, not knowing what we were looking for. That stunk! At least we still found 30 or so.
  9. If I want to hide a three stage multi cache, does the 1/10 mile rule come into play between the stages? This one will be three stages that lead the finder alongside and around a pond. Stage 1 will be a micro containing the coords to Stage 2. Stage 2 will also be a micro with the coord's to Stage 3. Stage 3 is an regular container with swag. As of now, the stages are approx 300 to 400 feet apart via the land route.(They would be closer if you could walk on water!). Will my plan be approved?
  10. My number is 172665. I thought I was late to the party as well, but it turns out that I'm almost a first-10%'er. I too often wonder how many active cachers are out there? Can GC (or someone) query how many unique members logged a find in the last 60 days?
  11. Here's good ol' Sunday morning "AMEN" from me! I wanted to do a PQ this morning and head out this afternoon for awhile. (Getting sick of all the NFL stuff on TV already today.) Oh well. Maybe I'll head off to the gym instead (ugh!).
  12. We had a cool one here in NC, but it was recently archived... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e8-c04d61022ccc
  13. If I enter a Note log on a cache, does the cache owner get a copy of it via e-mail?
  14. It uses a double sided tape. I thought that came with the repair kit. Nope, it's just a rubber gasket in a plastic bag. No adhesive, instructions, etc. The original one was held on with a glue. The problem was when it would heat up (summer use), the gasket would slide off the GPS and make a sticky mess. I appreciate Garmin sending a new gasket, but I'd like to prevent the same problem from happening to this piece too.
  15. Garmin was kind enough to send me a replacement for the rubber gasket that goes around the exterior of the Legend. They didn't include any directions for putting it on. Does anyone know what type of glue / adhesive I should use for this piece?
  16. I'd be concerned that with the growing use of PAF's, the cache hiders will try to make their cache hides more and more difficult so as to puzzle the PAF "groups". We hunt on our own too and go caching to find things, not to be outwitted. I even like LPC's (not for the parking lot, but to see the area around where the LCP is located. There can be stores I didn't know of, historic sites and markers, etc.) But that's JMHO of course.
  17. Over the past month, my Legend (blue) has been acting up. The first problem was when I'd disconnect the power cord from the car adaptor, the unit would randomly initiate the shutdown mode (20 second timer) repetitively in the field while walking to a cache. I had to keep watching it and hitting a button so it wouldn't shut itself off. It bugged us all day with that problem. Yesterday, we were out doing a 26 cache run along an approx. 10 mile stretch of highway near Charlotte. About halfway through the run, the GPS was telling us the next cache we were looking for was over 8 miles away! In reality, it was approx. 1/2 mile. The GPSr was connected via the power cord to the cig lighter in my truck and we had a good signal. It was just giving us zany distance from cache readings. We also replaced the batteries in the GPSr. Any ideas?
  18. I recently acquired MS Streets and Trips 2006 and loaded it on my computer. I did a PQ and ran it through GSAK into the MS S&T program. Caches appeared as a set of pushpin's. I found how to change the pushpin into a "red flag" symbol so they will stand out on the map. But, is there a way to label the red flags with the waypoint of the cache each one represents?
  19. Where are you cruising to? We can help give you some waypoints to use a "base" to search for others.
  20. I currently use an eTrex Legend, M500 PDA, GSAK and Cachemate for caching. What I normally do now for mapping is to print out the Google maps from the GC cache page and make my own routes of caches in that area. Some of the problems in doing this is that these maps include previous finds and it's difficult to print maps in cache-congested areas. While at GW5, I met other cachers with a variety of levels in maps and routing, etc. I'm becoming more interested in adding to my existing tools the ability to route a list of cache targets. Not sure if I want to use mapping software on the eTrex, go with something like GPS18 w/ nRoute, or upgrade to a GPS60CX or similar. I don't have a laptop to use for caching, but that's an option as well. I wouldn't be opposed to using more flexible maps on the home PC and printing better map pages to bring along. I would appreciate some advise (in lay terms) on how to proceed from here.
  21. Submitted my responses. Good luck with your research!
  22. Great replies. I have the "old" blue Legend. The cable is around here somewhere (never had need to use it). Too bad it doesn't have listed coord's so I can find it easier! I am also going to re-register for Premium membership. I let it run out last year as my 'one-man" protest to the direction GC.com was taking the game (introduction of Waymarking). Now it's time to get back on board. Thanks again for the information!
  23. I have two questions about going to a paperless environment. #1) Do I want to use a serial or USB connection for the PDA? I have both ports available on my home PC. What are the pro's & con's on either? #2) Having always used paper and entered coord's into my Garmin eTrex Legend manually, how do you download waypoints into the GPS electronically? Is it through the PC or the PDA?
  24. My son and I have done many locationless caches as we were getting into geocaching. We also enjoyed webcam caches until they too were stripped from the game. Taking away a big part of the game will certainly make me give second thoughts to making the upcoming Paypal payment that GC.com is looking for.
  25. I have had to use the GPS to find a couple of my hides when doing cache maintenance. Sometimes you just can't remember you hid them! But no, I wouldn't log them as a find.
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