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  1. If we are 2TF we give the FTF cacher the opportunity to be first to log - as a courtesy. If the FTF cacher has not logged the cache after a day or so then we would goahead and log with a note that we were not FTF.
  2. To help the situation when cache owners do not maintain their caches - should we invoke the powers of the local reviewer or just not bother putting forward any suggestions. Perhaps there are no answers!!
  3. OK shell111 - but what can we do to help the situation? Answers please
  4. shell111 - I think the OP was wondering if we chould care that some cache owners don't care!!! What can we do to help the situation??
  5. When a cacher logs that a cache requires maintenance this information is placed on the cache description log but no further 'action' is taken. When the note requests a cache is archived that information is passed to the local reviewer who is responsible for progressing the request - perhaps this is the best solution to ensure caches are maintained up to date. However do the local reviewers have the time to progress these? This is not meant to be a dig at reviewers but a considered request for guidance if this feature should be used more widely.
  6. Associated with the right to place a cache is the responsibility to maintain a cache!!
  7. The key to the oldest active cache is that though it is buried there is something visible on the surface. Make sure that cachers will be aware of the location of the cache nad then they wil;l not be tempted to start to scrape the surrounding area. One trick used some time ago was to lay two sticks in parallel across the top - this is great provided they do not get moved!
  8. If the FTF prize is a high value item then the FTF finder must of course swap it with one of a similar value. O what a dilemma. We did a FTF and there was a watch but we felt we could not provide a valid swap item!! We left it but it did not spoil our enjoyment of achieving the FTF.!!
  9. On a warm sunny day what can be more entertaining than pulling up a log and reading the log book. This is only fun if people have written something more than TFTC and signature!! The other problem is finding a warm sunny day!! We enjoy perusing the cache log but must confess that I don't believe there is a requirement to scan them!
  10. You have done the hard work preparng the cache and setting up your mainenance plan. The first cacher does not require a prize! Award yourself a prize for your efforts!!
  11. So the task ahead is to get the rulers to change the rules. The way to start is to inform them of the benefits of changing the rules - from the agreed benefits a desire for change can be created. However the benefits have to be compelling. Perhaps we can help the cause by creating a really pwerful benfits list which can be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
  12. The parks make the rules and if you wishto play you play by their rules. Just the same as geocaching - you have to play by the rules of the rulers. Simple really
  13. If you obtain a FTF valuable prize this is the start of an agonisng dilemma. How do you match it and what do you leave as the swop item!!
  14. "point out that reality and the forums are so very different" I believe they are different - reality is chasing down tupperware in the countryside. Forums by their nature are different because it involves unexpected twists and turns as the human nature spins its web. Perhaps that is the same as pysical caching!
  15. Is it the responsibility of the cache owner to place a cache where there will be no damage to the surroundings if a small number of cachers search the area? Is it the responsibility of cachers to report to the owner if they notice damage becoming a potential issue?
  16. Not a bad achievement I suppose. It must be something about 'ants in your pants' which keeps John on the move! I recall something like ' i was just having my breakfast when I noticed a new cache' ............... A very sincere congratulations - we lesser mortals can only look on in wonder! Thanks for all your help too Jacqueline and Peter
  17. My local experience in the UK rather than the US is that the caches of old were not too hard, too far or manily in woods. They were selected by people who wanted to share their favourite walks! Thanks for the great walks!
  18. Google maps do not ruin the fun. The are a tool which if you wishyou can use to plan your caching. Of particular help is when the cace is near a river which has few bridges; or alongside a motorway! It is a functional that is available but is not compulsory - how can that spoil the fun????????
  19. If the caches were in a great area to walk in then why not go back for a walk - or is it only the numbers that matter?
  20. Harrogate Hunters have summarised it for us very well. For me I think its the sheer quantity of caches. "I used to get excited about a new cache appearing realising that a new cache meant that someone had found an amazing place that was in the local area I did not know about and was really please when I went there and signed the log." We casually look at the new caches but tend to be driven by 'let's visit an area and while we are there we can cache'. We use the caches as an unofficia guide book created by local people who know the area and can take us to great locations. Thanks for all the caches - we would not have visited here without caching. It is changing and change is often uncomfortable - now we all have to decide what we want out of caching and make it happen for us!!!
  21. Given the ever increasing number of caches I no longer feel the urge to place more caches. If we multiply the number of active cachers by say 5 (ie everybody sets 5 caches) we would still have plenty of caches to chose from. If cache setters were restricted to the number of caches they can set I wonder if people would be far more selective and possibly the quality would improve! Peter
  22. As an option you could donate $10 to a local charity - ie a non commercial organisation. But this is forbidden I believe.
  23. Request for clarity. Do the rules state that you have tp solve the puzzle cache in the way the setter expected you to. The other option is to find a way to solve the problem which is ultimately to obtain the correct coordinates.
  24. If you are concerned about the nearby houses why not knock on the door and tell them what you propose?
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