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  1. Thanks for the note and many of us understand your frustrations. As Keystone states in his signature block: "Do you have any questions? We've got the answers!" However it is only a game. Peter
  2. Thanks for your help with BeelineGPX, managed to solve my database issues successfully. Do you know where the manual is available online? Peter
  3. Downloaded the trial version of BeelineGPS version 1.90 Cannot find detailed user guide or manual. Specically I wish to delete all waypoints and load new database. Thought that best way to manage waypoints would be to have seperate databases for different geographic area but not clear how to do this. Any ideas please?f Peter
  4. So what do we intend doing to prevent this type of issue developing again?
  5. Thanks for confirming where downtown is!! We would love to meet up with some local cachers. We arrive for the weekend of 26 June and travel to airport hotel on Tuesday late. The ideal caches for us would lead to a guided tour of Chicago. The transport system appears fine we just have to learn how to use it. We will now scour the mid range downtown hotels. Thanks Jacqueline and Peter
  6. I know that you are not travel agents but wonder if somebody can give us some local help. We are visiting Chicago at the end of June for 4 days and seek advice on where to stay. A really dumb question but just where is downtown?? Once we have the hotel sorted we will start with the cache selection. Jacqueline and Peter
  7. Intrigued that you considered resorting to suing the restaurant - clearly not a place to hide a cache - and how would you get permission!! Peter
  8. Just to reiterate the requirement for additional maintenance as the logs can fill up very quickly if it is in a popular location. The other option is to consider placing a piece of tupperware! Peter
  9. We have an IPAQ running tomtom Navigator 6 with UK mapping. We are visiting Florida and would like to use the IPAQ with US maps. I have had a look at the tomtom website and it is not clear how we can acquire Florida maps to plug into our Navigator 6 software. Our objective is to load our planned caches as POIs. In addition are there any detailed maps packages for our IPAQ 5720 (with built in GPS). Thanks Peter
  10. Looks like Des is working fine but I am still struggling. To I am running MM 4.4.3 and my settings are : Settings menu GPS program port 7 GPS hardware port 1 9600 baud Manage gps automatically MM Type NMEA (but there is an option for SIRF) Port com 7 Baud 4800 Disable power off SIRFSETUP com1 9600 Attempted to set up with com 7 as suggested by Snerdbe but program just hangs
  11. We too are off to US and Florida - looking forward to the sun. We have tomtom navigator 6 running on an IPAQ. Having looked at the tomtom site I am not sure what maps I have to buy. Hazel - are your maps for a PDA and if so what did you actually buy? Peter
  12. Thanks for all the help you good people but I am not there yet! I exit tomtom and memory map using the exit command rather than the red X! Have also checked all ports and they are as suggested. Just experimented with memory map after a hardware reset ie tomtom has not been run. Placed the GPS on display location and I could see the time lag from when I changed direction. This was after setting MMSIRFSETUP. I am now wondering if it is because I am using an old copy of memory map - version 4.3.3. Does anybody else run this version of MM?
  13. I have run MMSIRFSETUP and the memory map position updates on time but for less than a minute. Are there any other setup options or chnages I should make? I have loaded my old version of memory map v 4.4.3 MMSIRFsetup is port 1 and baudrate 9600 Could it be that everyone else uses a later version of memory map? Peter
  14. Just bought an IPAQ 5720 which is great but...... The device comes with tomtom 6 which works well. I have loaded my old version of memory map v 4.4.3 The memory map gps position lagged so I fired up MMSiRF and all was well - but only for a couple of minutes. I reran MMSIRF again all was well but not for long! MMSIRFsetup is port 1 and baudrate 9600 I guess some other program is resetting tje gps. W4e were not running tomtom at this time. Any ideas? Peter
  15. Thanks for the link and have joined the secaching ipaq forum. The ipaq 5720 and 5935 look like great candidates. A quick look around the web though and most of the stores have none in stock. Nothing on ebay at the moment. Any ideas on where to look. Peter
  16. Our Mio 201 died today. Moving the gps receiver results in the screen switching modes. That is not such a problem but we cannot get the satellites to 'fix'. The machine starts to track the satellites but never achieves a fix. Debate now - repair - probably not add a new bluetooth gps buy a new combined pda and gps - if so which? Peter
  17. Thanks I appreciate the synopsis. Now how do we make this happen?
  18. I agree that we should do something rather than nothing. Let's start by actively getting cache reviewers to 'discourage' sprinkler caches world wide.
  19. Tricky decision now. I have frequently added a new additional logbook but did not appreciate that COs' like Briansnat and diamonddaveg prefer I do not. What to do what to do??
  20. We are all members of the caching comunity and should help others to maintain their caches. Having a spare log book in your bag does not take up too much space. We always carry ne except for the few times when we actually find a full log book and then realise that our spare book is 40 kms away.
  21. It seems that the majority of cachers here agree that "needs Maintenance" is an excellent way of informing the cache owner and the wider caching comunity that maintenance is required. It is the responsibility of the cache owner to maintain the cache. HOWEVER as an active community we can all help to maintain other people's caches!
  22. A big thank you to all our reviewers. They deserve every penny they receive! Peter :-)
  23. Certainly looks like GCNYG8 - it was sooo long ago that we had the fun of being the FTF for this cache in May 2005. There are quite a few caches around Craven Arms now. Peter
  24. As a cacher I like to have the confidence that if Iam on private ground it is with permission. If the cache can be reached from the sidewalk then that would not be a concern for me.
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