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  1. I have a tomtom go 51. I can load geocaches as POIs and navigate to individual caches. However when I am driving the POIs are not visible on the map so I do not know if we are driving past a cache. Not sure if the new range of Garmin Drive model satnavs show caches on the map as you drive.
  2. To clarify. The GO 51 supports the loading of POIs which I download via GSAK. You can then navigate to individual POIs (caches). The tomtom forum has confirmed that you cannot: add a specific icon; view the POIs on the map receive an audible warning My VIA 135 had all these functions but the screen input no longer works when the device becomes warm. The new VIA products also do n ot appear to support POIs. Perhaps I need to look at other manufacturers for the level of POI support I require for caching. Will the Garmin Nuvi meet my requirements?
  3. I have upgraded to a tomtom GO 51. However the functions I used on my older device seem to be no longer available. I have loaded my own POIs (geocaches) but cannot work out how to view them on a map when I am driving. In addition an audible warning of when I am close to a POI was available on my earlier device. Has anybody worked out how to achieve this basic functionality.
  4. Same problem the system hangs after submitting a log. Closing and opening the browser gets around the problem. However we cannot work out how to drop off TBs with the current system bug. Hope this gets fixed quickly as we have a major event at the weekend.
  5. I performed a factory reset followed by a google store install - all is well thank you
  6. I am a premium member and wish to acquire the free geocaching app. I have followed the links from Groundspeak which led me to itunes. I have created an account and tried to 'get' the app. Itunes is forcing me to enter a valid credit card - I am nervous of providing these details whan some of the companies have been hacked and information 'lost'. Is there an alternative download approach.
  7. Thanks for the response. We will pass this information on to the member. Peter
  8. A local member with a user name of "Discovery Centre" has not logged on for a few years and has been denoted as inactive. The "send message" feature is disabled because this user is currently inactive. The user now wants to update his email address and commence maintenance of his caches. What should the user do to overcome this impasse?? Peter
  9. We are considering tackling the Sussex Olympic Rings (around GC3JAB0) the weekend of June 6/7. This series of 65 puzzle caches was been placed to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Each ring is set by different cachers and contains 11 or 12 hides plus a bonus. The whole design is over 4km across. You will need to find all caches for a ring in order to find the bonus and complete the ring. Some of the puzzles are quite daunting so we wonder how tricky the caches will be. A series like this would be even more fun for a group of cachers. Any cachers care to join us? Jacqueline and Peter
  10. Brilliant - it works. Next job is to create different icons for some of the each cache types.
  11. I wonder if google maps has changed? Followed the instructions and created a map. The only import button I saw was for importing a csv or spreadsheet. Did not see an import KML option. Have I missed out a step? Peter
  12. Running GSAK version (final) on Windows 8 When I click on a GSAK item there is a consistent lag (up to 10 seconds) before the item highlights. This is true for all interactions eg selecting cache, sorting a column etc. Have not experienced this lag with other programs. I do remember that I had to set program to be admin runnable when first loaded on Windows 8. Previously we have run GSAK successfully for many months. Not aware of any new software instals. I have set Defender to omit GSAK folders when checking. I posted this on the GSAK forum and after some work I have determined that the WLAN Autoconfig service triggers the slow responses. However stopping that service also stops wifi and consequentl access to internet. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix this?
  13. We loved this great addition ...... can you feel a but coming? Chrome seems to have updated itself and now we cannot get the maps to respond to clicking on the cache icons. Using Windows explorer the icons still respond! Anybody else having this trouble ? Peter
  14. Sadly navicomputer requires version 6 of mobile windows. Our old IPAQ 5720 runs version 5! Perhaps it is time to upgrade!
  15. We really appreciate your hard work and the great maps. We run the maps on our Garmin HCX and it is fine. We also have an old IPAQ and wonder if there is some Garmin emulator software so we can 'see' the maps on the IPAQ. We use memory map on the IPAQ but are going to Australia so would like to use openstreet. Any ideas? Peter
  16. Using your selective criteria there is another benefit. If you have a 'completer finisher' mentality you can have the satisfaction of completing all your target caches in an area. This can result in a great sense of achievement.
  17. Perhaps we should welcome new cachers to the sport, gently helping them to understand what it is all about. Give the guy one more chance folks before we draw any more conclusions about how long the OP may remain caching
  18. Brilliant - thank you so much for sharing this with us!!
  19. Don't give up on making new caching friends. We have teamed up with local cachers on many of our trips and our experience has been great. Their local knowledge and experience has has helped us to make many memorable caching trips. We are all members of an elite club - many of us are keen to help fellow cachers.
  20. A recent cacher in our area does not even use initials to sign the log. A mere smiley face!
  21. Knowing that such information has been provided would give cachers confidence that at least the cache owner has gained permission for cachers to be in the area. It strengthens the case for cachers to be able to explain to irate land owners that permission has been sought and granted. This happened in the UK where the local gamekeeper was irate until it was explained the land owner had granted permission for the cache. The gamekeeper immediately backed off and even apologised.
  22. So we are all agreed that cache hiders should seek and obtain permission to hide a cache on private land. Now how should this be managed?
  23. I like to be confident when searching for a cache that I can state categorically that I have permission to be here because of the Groundspeak guidelines which are part of our game. If challenged by a muggle or even the land owner I explain that permission has been granted for the cache.
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