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  1. A word of warning. I use a yellow etrex and have to remember to change the datum if I wish to switch from lat / long to OS whereas some systems do this automatically. Some additonal co-ords eg car parks are normally given in lat/long so I stick to lat/long rather than OS. Peter
  2. Didn't Brian Lara just get 400? You need to chase his tally. Well done Jacqueline and Peter
  3. For those who care about numbers! I did not realise that everyone finding the cache that day was registered as a FTF. If this is correct then I believe this is the fairest way of satisfying all the number watchers. Thanks for clarifying the situation. Peter
  4. Reading the issues around logging TBs reminded me of a related timing issue associated with virgin caches. If you visit the cache after it has lost its virginity and log it before the 'virgin breaker' the wrong person can receive credit. As a courtesy the second person should wait until the virgin defiler has successfully logged their achievement. Any views. Is this a male thing? Peter
  5. Really good article and insight into how others plan their cache days. Our planning is on the light side and sometimes does not even involve detailed maps. Peter
  6. If nothing else the 'member' debate has made me reflect that I should seriously consider thinking about perhaps signing up as a full member. We do get good if not excellent value. I wonder what the % is of cachers who have paid up? Peter
  7. MarcB Really appreciate all your hard work. I guess the symbology of the caches will not be lost complete with gold at the end of the rainbow - given all the Shropshire rain there is sure to be a rainbow! Peter
  8. The concerns of the authorities are justified. I have copied all the co-ords into my database and am selling them to Delboy who is going to sell all the boxes (after arranging transport). What the cache did though was make me aware that there are so many Victorian boxes. Whenever we pass a box we now check. Next step is the Edward VIII boxes who only reigned for 11 months. Peter
  9. Visited Gemma's Gems and we discovered the note from the dark cache clearer. The box was cleaned out but left in place and camouflaged. I have started a new log and emailed the owner.
  10. Thanks for a very succinct explanation of the different bodies. Only issue now is that I will have to start to check three discussion groups - until somebody tells me about a further intererst group ;-) Thanks Peter
  11. Can you help me to position the various geocache groups I am registered and use geocaching and geocacheuk but recently noticed GAGB. Do all these groups have the same objectives? Peter
  12. Yet another one tonner makes his mark. Well done from both of us Jacqueline and Peter
  13. Guess the discussion highlights how difficult it is to know who your local cachers are. Is this the idea behind the 'buddy' option on profile links? Peter
  14. We now feel 100 and appreciate your well wishes! Now it is our turn to put something back into the sport so look out for some Shropshire caches. Jacqueline and Peter
  15. I go to the 'my caches' page and enter my home coords. Having a GPS is helpful because I would never have known my home coords otherwise. Peter
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