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  1. I don't think I've ever bought anything online where I have not received a dated receipt. It's generally included with the shipment. I bought my etrex yellow through the web two years ago and had no problem with the magellan rebate.
  2. For those interested I just posted ain another thread about tigerdirect.com selling the magellan explorist 200 for ~$60 after magellan rebate plus shipping. I believe shipping is about $10.
  3. Hello All, I saw so many posts looking for a low cost starter GPS that when I saw this posted on another forum I figured I'd post it here as well. link It's at tigerdirect.com if the link doesn't work. It's the best price I could find anywhere for a new unit. Here's the thread from where I first saw the post fatwallet link Just for easy comparison here's a froogle price comparison froogle Hope this helps someone. Bibba
  4. Thanks. I was hoping it was just that simple. It's not a benchmark but actually a geocache (GC5CA). The coodinates to the cache are on a travel bug and as such are moved from cache to cache with the intention being they will be found serendipitously. The coodinates listed on the cache page are not for the cache but simply mark the general area. As such, the only people who can find the cache are those who found the travel bug. A creative idea I think. I truly appreciate the help. Bibba
  5. Hello All, I came across a set of coodinates that I can't figure out tow to convert. I've downloaded conversion programs and searched the forum but can't find others that match up. How do you convert a waypoint in the format NN NN.NNNN to NN NN.NNN ? Is it as simple as rounding off? How is it done and what is this format called? Any help will be immensely appreciated. Bibba
  6. I'd like to think this wouldn't get approved if you submitted the details. It would just be a problem waiting to happen. All it would take would be the suspicion that a "missing person" could potentially be found there and the local police would be digging the site up. Not the type of news headlines we'd want associated with geocaching. edited for spelling
  7. Thanks Unfortunately, cost is a huge factor, the one I saw at the site for laptops was $100 before installation. Also as these are the nurses private vehicles, I don't think they'd want to have one of the mounts installed. Any other ideas?
  8. Hello All, I'm hoping I can get some common sense solutions to keeping the new tablet PCs the hospice I work for just bought from smashing to bits. I'm trying to convince them to spend the money on a turn by turn direction program like Garmin GPS 18 to use with the new units. My idea is it will allow nurses to get to patient's homes more quickly, particuarly when they go to an area they don't usually work in. My fear is the units will be on the seat next to the driver, they'll stop short, and the unit will go careening off the seat into the dash. If they keep it on the floor, my concern is if anything is left on the seat a similar scenario will occurr in that if the nurse stops short, whatever is on the seat will go sliding off into the unit. Any ideas? What do others do to protect their laptop? They say necessity is the mother of invention, are there any products out there to help deal with this?
  9. This is the for the garmin vista which is basically the same as the legend but with more memory and additional features. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=78981
  10. Hello All, I'm a hospice Nurse in the Boston, MA area. I'm trying to sell my agency on the benefits of providing the visiting Nurses, Social Workers, and Chaplains with portable GPS systems for their cars. Cost is a huge factor. The nurses will soon be issued new Fujitsu Tablet PCs. Is there any way to use a tablet PC with a GPS antenna and a program similar to Microsoft Streets and Trips? Most of the reluctance I've gotten re: this idea is that there are no voice prompts which they feel will create a safety hazard. Is there any program out there that can be used with a tablet pc that has voice prompts? I originally had been trying unsuccessfully to get them to buy streetpilot IIIs but the cost ($500) was too prohibitive. Any ideas? By the way, there's extra points for coming up with a system that includes a regular GPS (Garmin Etrex/Magellen yellow) as part of the system so I can try to get some more Nurses into geocaching
  11. One of the best way to judge market value is ebay. Compare what's offered in the links below to what you have to sell and decide for yourself from there. If you sell it in this forum most people lower the price a bit from what it would go for on ebay in consideration of the fact that you don't pay any listing or final value fees. Personal choice obviously though. Bill http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5719468761&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5719155150&rd=1
  12. Glad so many were able to get in on this! Now if only someone could find a simarly good deal on Mapsource Topo (it will work in my legend or any of the new primo Vistas), I'll be a happy man. I can't find it anywhere for less than around $70
  13. Hello All, Just read an article on another website that makes mention of this deal. I've never seen them less than around $200. Even used ones on ebay go for $200! Jest go to www.officemax.com and search for garmin etrex vista and it will show you the price. I don't know if this is available in their physical stores or not. There's also mention of saving even more by getting it at staples and having them pricematch because of a staples policy of beating other stores prices. Sorry, don't know the details. Hope someone else can clarify that aspect. Wish I had the cash myself or I'd be ordering one now - Bill
  14. Only problem with that is shipping is outrageous. I put it in the zip for delivery to Boston MA and it was over $24. Which makes it $134 for a "gently scuffed" unit delivered.
  15. Thanks! Whether your a club member or not, it's the best deal I've found for these at present, especially considering the dollar shipping and no tax. I just ordered one. I actually debated getting two and reselling one on ebay as I see them going for upwards of $150.
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