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  1. Since it is not a numbers game for us cause we never seem to log much, I am looking forward to a fun day with friends that I have been away from too long. For those that I have not seen in a while, remember, blonds run amuck is not about hair color, its a state of mind!! lol!!
  2. We have been out of the "loop" for awhile but plan to attend this event. Any plans for a group camp from SDCET?? I'm going on friday morning.
  3. That's the cool thing about caching. You discover all sorts of things that most people never get to see. I think the most bizarre thing that I have ever found was a nun-shaped dildo. If you get the chance, ask Blondes Run Amuck about what they found one day when they were caching... (By the way, anyone know whether they ever identified the remains?) Hey everyone!!! Just checkin in. Glad to see we have not been forgotten.....Now that we are off house arrest, we will be out and about caching again soon!! btw...THE REMAINS ARE STILL UNIDENTIFIED. Still love this show!!
  4. Sorry to both families who lost their pets this week. We were out caching yesterday and we came across a cache where Ginger was FTF!! It brought back lots of memories of fun night hikes that Ginger has led us on. Thanks for sharing her with your caching family! We'll miss her.
  5. I did the Mojave Road in January of this year with the dune buggy club. We started in Baker the first day and went 100 or so miles. Our stopping point was in Nipton. We rented out the entire Nipton hotel...all 6 rooms and the "hotel cook" made us pork chops for dinner. The next day. we left Nipton and again headed to the Mojave Road. We spent another full day and another 100 miles and made it to Laughlin were we spent the night. The third day, we took a dirt road out of Laughlin for about 25 miles, then highway back to the Nipton Hotel. Remember, it was January...very cold, snow on the ground in some places. The wind was blowing and it was raining......Would I do it again? In a heartbeat....a very memorable trip!! GO FOR IT!!
  6. We'll be at our usual place...Yuma Cabana. Getting there early Saturday morning.
  7. blondsrunamuck turns 5 today! Since this is a game about numbers (for some) here are our stats.... A bazillion adventures (misadventures), a katrillion laughs, a billion memories, a million discoveries of unknown places, thousands of smashed pennies, hundreds of caches found, many Yurium cards, two purple buggies and one barbi tent. Most of all are the countless friendships we have made that will last a lifetime. Thank you San Diego County Geocachers...it's been a great 5 years!! We luv ya man! Blonds Run Amuck...aka Barb and Lori
  8. What!!! All the help we gave you on picking out a GPSr!!! Ok.... I went out today and snnagged 13 caches. Better yet, I've already logged them all. But I can still Whine......My new GPS'r was off 20 feet for all the caches I found. Worse was the 7 DNF's before I realized the satalite gods were asleep. I have done some homework and now I know about calabrating. Wow...what will they think of next. Boy my old GPS seemed easy. On the bright side, it was so cool having the maps and topo in my gps. I actually could tell how lost I really was...... Tomorrow,back to reality, or my version of it.
  9. Big WHINE......I only have 3 days left of my vacation! And I haven't been out caching yet!
  10. I've been shopping...and have just received my new Garmin 60CSx, along with City Navigator and TOPO. I had to pay a 12 year old to explain the directions to me and I have sucessfully loaded all the software in the laptop and into the Garmin. All set for a few days of caching in Big Bear....now if I could only find my car keys! Thanks to all for your input!
  11. Having a great time in Alaska Harmon....Its a bit cold. Thanks for inviting me on their trip. It was a little cramped inside that suitcase during the trip! Don't think they even know I'm around! (inside joke folks)
  12. Are we talking the '09 event? I have the Vista HCx also. You'll like it. It does have alot more features than the Venture, but, as you can see, there lots of us willing to help out. No we are talking about the 08 event first weekend in Nov. I think it is the 7th of Nov. Ok it was a blond joke I get it now I think Barb has an easier time buying a pair of shoes!! That's because shoes are just shoes, but a GPSr is... LIFE! You can't be too rich, too thin or have too many pairs of shoes!! (I have the shoe thing down Still working on the GPS.... On Edit......Just ordered a new Garmin 60 with all the matching accessories.
  13. Thanks everyone for responding......I'll be orderng the Vista outdoor package with the map software. ($299)Hopefully, I'll know how to use it by the Octillo Event. John....I just might want to see yours...GPS silly ....Barb- B.R.A
  14. Sell your 60 (I'll make you a good deal) and buy the Colarado I'm seriously thinking about the Vista...also recomended by Trailgators.
  15. Looking to upgrade my Etrex that has served me well for 4 years! Any suggestions on something comparable with mapping software in the $300-$400 range? You know......easy for a blonde
  16. Who is going to Big Bear for the event? B.R.A will again be hosting an open house/happy hour after the event! Hope to see you there!
  17. Way to go you two Thank you, thank you, thank you! On to 800!
  18. I know what the " + " means when PolarBear says 7+ miles. It means 5 1/2 miles. Wow 12.5 miles today. It was the work out I was needing. Thanks for the fun and the beautiful scenery!
  19. OK..it's official. the caching god has granted us a day pass for MTRP....We have logged all our old finds back since August. Now we can come out and play. If I've missed any...let me know!!
  20. We're going to try to make it at 6 am on Sunday. How long is this rain supposed to last? I didn't even know it was going to rain--I thought it was summer already!
  21. Is anyone going to be out hiking and caching this weekend?
  22. Yuma, Yuma Cabana....we will be there!!
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