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  1. Yes there are gators, but they wont bother you unless they are over 6 feet long. I lived in Florida all my life and seen tons of gators and never had a problem. You can go to one of my caches here. You will see a picture I took of a gator on the banks. Here's a picture I took of one in the water( about 6 feet long).
  2. You know you are caching in Florida when your trail ends up looking like this! These are picturs of footTRAX caching in a Wetland in Florida. We got married December 17 2005 Support Florida Cachers!
  3. Signed the contract last night. It should be on it's way!
  4. I dont know if I will have many to trade, but if I have some left I will trade in the far future.
  5. I am going to have 50 LE coins made (if everything goes through). They will be solid silver with no color. I'm giving out 20 free LE COINS to the top 20 buyers with the most coins bought. Then I will give 10 free LE Coins to random buyers that I will pick. I will pick them by looking at their profile and caches they did and caches they hid (They wont be cachers I know, and it wont be the cacher with the most ICON).. I am doing this to cut down on people buying just the LE COINS and turning around and selling them on EBAY for more money. I want people to enjoy them and share them.
  6. They will be trackable on Geocaching.com and have it's own icon.
  7. Mississippi Geocoins !!!!!!!! What nobody likes Florida?
  8. I have to sign the agreement to have them made, then they will be out in about 3 weeks. Should I do it?
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I should go with the bottom one.
  10. This is my personal Geocoin i'm having done soon. I have these two icons to choose from. or Which one? Do you think this coin will sell out? Having 500 made, but only 350 to the public. Are people still interested in buying personal Geocoins, or am I wasting my time.............?
  11. I have one LE Black Tornado, one silver and one gold Kansas. All not activated. I am looking for people who want to equally trade for a non-activated geocoins. I need some new geocoins.
  12. I have one black Kansas Tornado, one silver kansas, and one bronze kansas for trade. Email me!
  13. I was wondering what software everybody is using to make their coins? Mostly the lettering around the coin. Coming after the New Year.
  14. I got my 2. All I need now is shipping adjustment, or maybe one of your personal geocoins. Thanks
  15. Does this look a little better?
  16. Did I say FLORIDA GEOCOIN to loud! oops
  17. We also have the "FLORIDA" geocoin coming out with GC tracking and icon soon, but the image and everything else is Topsecret until it's final.
  18. I was thinking of making my personal Geocoin this. What does everybody think?
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