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  1. gator10.png


    Visit the Event Page listing: Waypoint: GC1VNMW


    Calling all Geocachers! Seasoned pros, newbie cachers, hikers, bikers, kayakers, campers, nature lovers and adventure seekers! Come one, come all and join us December 4 - 6 for a weekend of good old-fashioned fun with a high tech twist!


    Also visit our personal website: http://www.cacheapalooza.com




    A cache worth trying is THE GHOST ORCHID





  2. I think I have solved my problem. As someone else in another post suggested I installed the Map Send Topo software in XP compatibility mode. For those like me :rolleyes: not so fluent in computerese here is what I did

    1. Insert topo installation disk into drive (When the autorun prompt pops up hit cancel to stop the autorun)
    2. Click on COMPUTER (Windows Vista)
    3. Highlight disk drive with topo installation CD
    4. Right click and select OPEN
    5. Highlight SETUP (the application) If you can't see which file is the application switch your view to details
    6. Right click and select PROPERTIES
    7. Select COMPATIBILITY tab
    9. Hit OKAY until you are back reading the files on the topo installation CD
    10. Double click on SETUP (the application) to begin the installation

    Hope this helps. At least until Magellan comes up with something. Good Luck.



    Thanks, it worked for me today. :)

  3. I don’t want to see this Forum turn into “Who’s Coin Vender has the best policy” when dealing with customers Geocoins.


    I think Geocoinstore did an excellent job with my coins and handled every question I had for them in a timely manner. I would recommend them!

    However, Anthus raised valid concerns about How and Why our Geocoin orders were exceeded past what we ordered? Why were they trading our coins that we didn’t know existed?

    I wanted my LE coins to be Limited! Not to exceed its limit!

  4. Floaters! OK, how do I get my floaters? I also had 50 LE coins made. Now there are 55 LE coins? Thanks Anthus for bringing this to my attention.

    I will keep watching this forum to see what happen next.


    If anybody has an untrackable geocoin of mine please let me know. I will send them a real one of mine.

  5. I'm all for progress, and I really respect folks that try to improve things. But I don't see this as an improvement. What's wrong with using Excel spreadsheets. Maintain your own specialized stats. Half the fun of keeping personal stats is being able to enter them yourself and change the parameters used to judge them as YOUR needs change. I personally don't want to look at all that stuff...SNIP....


    I agree. This website doesn't have to break down things for everybody. If you are interested do it yourself.

    For those who are really into stats, Fizzymagic wrote these neat apps that break everything down for you. Numbers of caches by type, size, state, country, terrain, difficulty, average terrain, average difficulty, number of unique finds. Its perfect for the stats hungry people among us and the rest of us don't have to look at a cluttered stats page.


    I don't think breaking down the stats would hurt! It would just show more in detail what other cachers are finding. I think this would start shaping the game in the right way.


    Let’s say if you only do 1/1 micros and have a 1000 finds, then you would be able to tell what kind of caches the person likes and does.


    Let’s say 800 pocket caches a person did, it would show it in the stat. So on, so on!


    I think this might open up people’s eyes a little more about the way people cache.

    It can only enhance the Stat page!

  6. I like the idea of breaking down the stats further, but I would still would rather see something like this implemented, which would require almost no work as far as I know...just adding a separate "select distinct" sql statement i believe:




    I really hope this forum kick starts something! ThePropers, thanks for adding your input on the matter.

    I would love to see more ideas people have..


    I think breaking down the stats further would be a better option for everybody (unless people are scared to show there real stats).

    That was only a rough draft that I did. I think Geocaching.com can make a better STATS page and bring the numbers to the right fields. I really think it’s time to do something about it or they will start losing geocachers left and right ( including me).

  7. The concept of a 5 star difficulty pocket cach has my mind so far in the gutter it's not even funny.


    That was making fun of all the talks about Pocket Caches.




    Just having a grid leads to cache bingo, not to mention a quest to fill each blank spot in it like some try to fill out their icons.


    It still would be a better way to see what kinds of caches a cacher is really doing...

  8. I have been gazing though the entire forum out there about Pocket Caches, is it a cache, what makes it a cache and so on. I don’t think the problem lies with what people are finding, but with how Geocaching.com counts the caches we find. Well, I had a little time after work today, so I started messing around with “Geocache information for the user page” (where they count the finds). Here’s what I came up with!




    I think if they broke down the finds a little more in detail, it would make everybody happier. Then who cares if somebody did 800 pocket caches? You will be able to see how they jump up to 4000 finds in one month (week). I just would like to see some of the integrity back in geocaching again.

    What do you think? Something needs to be done about it! Or is it to late? :P


    Nice touch with the Pocket cache Icon :)

  9. 2. Your own personal icon (separate from the avatar images) other than a generic signal frog avatar





    I paid good money for my personal Geocoin Icon and now were given them away cheaper? :)

    I quess it's a good idea for Geocaching.com as a whole, but feeling a little short handed.

  10. The geocoinstore had problems with Fox-and-the-hound Coin, so they had to make sure everything was alright with my coin. They said it should be out this week or early next week.

    Sorry for the wait! -footTRAX

    I'm waiting myself...

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