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  1. Changes made from version 6.11.5 to 6.11.6:


    This version of MapSource no longer supports Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT.


    Fixed an issue with transferring map sets larger than 2 GB to units. MapSource supports transferring map sets up to 4 GB in size. Note that some units do not support map sets over 2 GB in size.


    Fixed an issue with creating a waypoint from Japanese address search result.


    Fixed an issue with MapSource not finding Google Earth Pro when installed.


    Find it here: http://www.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209

  2. The 60CSx will display 50 waypoints when it's in "nearest" mode, and will display all of them when it's in the "by name" mode. Toggle modes in the "find>waypoint" list by pressing "menu."


    Note: In the "by name" mode, use the ouiji board to type the first few letters, then press "page" to jump to that spot in the alphabetical list.

  3. Hi there i dont expect to travel far mostly in CA maybe neveda and arizona. I would like to go to the grand canyon this year. Oh yea i want the TOPO map on it too. How much space would i realy need for it???

    I found that i can buy the 1 gig card at frys for about $40. Would that be enough for the 3 state map and the TOPO and lets say about 500-600 Caches for the trip???






    I have CNv7 and Topo installed on my computer. For both maps, I started at the southern terminus of the AZ-NM border and dragged directly north to the US-Canada border, then west to the Pacific to include all of CA, AZ, and NV, as well as all of UT, ID, WA, and OR, and parts of WY and MT. For both road and topo maps, the total size was 592 MB.

  4. Hi everyone...new to the forum and have made the leap to a 60 CSX after 8 years with a GPS III. I too have ordered the CN North America v. 8 and have a potentially stupid question relating to Garmin unlock codes. Am I able to download maps from the DVD mutiple times to the Micro SD card? Meaning if i add maps to the card for the east US.....then erase and add the west US for a trip...then erase and add east US back when I return? Or does the Garmin unlock policy only allow this one time.


    Thanks for any help...


    Thanks everyone. Common sense told me that should be the case but wanted to confirm from the knowledgable people here.


    The unlock code "marries" your purchased map data to a specific GPSr. You can compile and download any number of map segments any number of times from any number of computers (desktop, laptop, home) with a single unlock.


    Or short answer: Yes. :)

  5. But thats not telling me how it wouldnt work on another computer with the same disc and a different GPS unit.


    The code that you get from Garmin has to be entered into any computer that you're using it on, and the code is specific to the ESN of the GPSr. If you want to use it on a second GPSr, you need a second unlock code that goes with the second GPSr.


    On the other hand, you can install the software on any number of computers and use those computers with a single GPSr, which is a plus. I can have MapSource and my maps available on my home computer, laptop, and work computer, and they're all capable of downloading maps to my GPSr using the same unlock code.


    Does that make sense?

  6. I use hole at the antenna base to enhance the buoyancy of my 60CSx. I picked up a floating keychain at a boat store, and I hook it through the hole when I use my 60CSx in a canoe or other boat. It's enough to keep it from sinking should it fall overboard. I wouldn't want to support the full weight of the unit with it, however.

  7. Whether WAAS SVs can offer ranging and correction data, one or the other, or nothing is besides the point. The "x" series are having some pretty frustrating examples of their inability to use this data and recognize the SVs in their appropriate location. And if PRN 35 is the only WAAS SV visible to your location, which is pretty much the central time zone of the US, then that one satellite becomes pretty important.


    I've been unable to get PRN 35 to "move" to it's appropriate location in the SW. I parked my car facing that way this morning - let's see if a nice long "soak" helps it to absorb the WAAS almanac.

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