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  1. Depending on how you cache, it's not that crazy. There are enough changes over a week or so that I need to redo what's on my GPS, whether it's my new Oregon or my old 60CSx. Since found caches or archived caches aren't in my PQ, my weekly download provides up to date information. And since the found caches, as noted in other places on this thread, don't really clutter anything up at this point, I don't feel the need to clean up - and didn't with my 60CSx either. To me, the ability to generate and import field notes more than makes up for having to drive by open treasure boxes until next Friday.
  2. The cache information exists in the GPX file. If you delete the GPX file, or re-upload the GPX file without the found cache (i.e., next week's PQ), it won't be there anymore.
  3. The last time this happened, the backlog of queued mail just bogged down everything. I switched my PQ delivery to gmail last night. My Friday PQs, which normally arrive at 4am, weren't generated until 6am-ish, and took 25-35 minutes to arrive in my gmail box. I have yet to receive any notifications from yesterday in my Comcast box.
  4. I'm guessing that you have Comcast as an ISP. Looks like they're throttling again. Good luck getting through to complain - I was on hold for an hour yesterday. I haven't received a geocaching.com email since 1pm yesterday. Back to gmail for me!
  5. I know it's bad form to reply to yourself, but looking back at the change list: This is probably the 2008NT/60CSx fix that some have been waiting for.
  6. I read that thread on NT2008 and the 60CSx - I'm not sure what the cause of the original problem is. I don't have NT2008, so I can't check... Anyone know what "MPC" maps are?
  7. On the Garmin web site. Find it here. Number 21 is interesting - what makes the 76x different than the other models?
  8. It was geocaching - saw an article in the Virginia Pilot while at my in-laws in Virginia Beach. Logged on and saw that there were a few caches within walking distance. Looking for any excuse to get out of the house, it took me an hour to get to the boat store, buy my first GPS, and start hunting caches. Since then I've owned three more GPS units (one was a prize in a Magellan contest).
  9. I converted from a MeriGold to a 60CSx last year. It took a while to get used to the button layout differences, but I find that the 60CSx gets me to GZ the first time, almost every time, where the MeriGold would let me wander around a bit until I got to the hide area. I consistently get <12ft EPEs, but I usually use the accuracy circle to decide when to stop looking at the GPS and start looking for hollow logs... One thing that I found is that the 60CSx, and probably other Garmins as well, use the underlying map as part of the accuracy circle. While canoeing along the Canadian border, using the US Topo maps, I found that the accuracy circle widened considerably when I was in "uncharted" Canadian waters, but paddling 20 feet back in the US caused the circle to dramatically decrease in size.
  10. Are you set to "normal" or "battery saver" mode under Setup>System?
  11. There's a link directly from the 60CSx web page - here. It's the most current, supported, and works fine.
  12. CenTexDodger is right on, but if you reload any waypoints that have the numbering, the device will skip them with the next "mark." For example, if you delete all the waypoints, but reload 001 from MapSource, the next time you hit "mark" you'll start at 002.
  13. I travel frequently, and use my GPSr in flight when I have a window seat. Throws off the "average" and "maximum" speeds, but hey, it's fun to be going at 520mph. I've never had a problem on NWA, though I have been asked once or twice what it was. The only other (hopefully obvious) caveat is that if you're asked to turn it off, then turn it off and put it away.
  14. The "rgn" file in the download package is dated 12/6/06.
  15. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. The "background" can change depending on location, type of map, etc. For example, you may have a POI that can be in a marsh area, a park area, on "plain" land, in an industrial (grayish) area, or on/near water. All of those backgrounds will be different.
  16. It's a firmware bug - should be fixable via programming.
  17. First time? I thought you only got one of those... Was first discussed here in April: Read this. I know that I personally emailed and called about this back in August when I found another discussion in the forums here. That, and the inability to recognize the "transparent" color in a custom POI icon, were two of the things that Garmin was working on at the time for the "x" series. Edit: Added link
  18. Another Garmin feature that may serve you well is the POI feature. You can create a custom database of lat/longs for hydrants, drafting sources, etc. under "water sources," then add a category for "mutual aid" consisting of neighboring stations or staging points, etc., all of which could then be uploaded to each unit.
  19. EPE=Estimated Positioning Error. That value, calculated and reported by the GPSr, is what the unit thinks it's error is in terms of feet/meters. For example, an EPE of 10ft means that the device thinks it could be off by as much as 10 feet in any direction, hence the accuracy circle. Accuracy is less a function "settings," and more of a function of the number of satellites in view, their position (to give the best geometry), signal strength, lack of multipath signal "reflections," and a bunch of other stuff. The only real "setting" that could affect accuracy is WAAS on or off - which has been the subject of many, many threads.
  20. You'll get the accuracy circle when you're zoomed in far enough to see it. If your EPE is high/accuracy is low, then you'll see the circle when zoomed out, and it will be bigger as you zoom in. Basically, when the cache/waypoint you're looking for is inside the circle, stop looking at the screen and start looking for hollow logs. You won't see the accuracy circle when you're locked to roads.
  21. Dear Propers, We apologize for the error. Your cable bill should be $25 more than it was last month. Your next bill will reflect the proper amount, plus interest. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. -Comcast
  22. Hit "Mark" to mark your current location, then edit it.
  23. Thanks for the pointer to 5.41 - I didn't think I'd ever see another update for my ol' MeriGold. It doesn't look like they did much, but I'll upload it just the same, since I still use the unit in my boat.
  24. Have you seen the "get off at this exit and get back on the highway going in the same direction" thingey yet? Now that's annoying, but somewhere in the mind of my 60CSx it makes sense.
  25. To give a little more detail to embra's response, if you have an SD card reader, you can take the firmware file (i.e., mgold540.hex), copy it to the root directory of your SD card, rename it as firmware.hex, then turn the unit on. Works with versions higher than 4.xx already on the unit.
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