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  1. You FINALLY get some time to yourself, but instead of resting, reading, watching the last 5 Dr Who episodes you've missed...you instead drive 40 min away and hike for 2 hrs on a 35c day to get 8 caches.
  2. Im sooo confused. I just use the map provided with the app. Its done just fine for me so far? Is that because I'm urban bound? ( mom with little time or opportunity to go far afield). Ok...ill admit something. Until a couple of days ago i was using what i thought was the official app, but wasnt. Must be a competitor i guess . Now im using the proper one... But both simply show gps info enabling me to find a cache. Ive never thought to myself...gee..if only i had a proper gps.
  3. Hmmmn...you know...theres a cache up a tree that i reckon i should revisit ( in appropriate shoes this time) and sign to earn my smilie.
  4. Hmm. I suspect things are a little less...tense...here in Australia. But it does make me rethink how i might design future caches i create. That said, i only have 2 caches so far...one is a slightly adjusted yellow bath duck and ones a frog shaped lunch box!
  5. I started geocaching in june/july last year and only recently achieved a find on the first one I ever tried. 4 visits and I just want looking in the right spot. Though it's possible I did in the beginning and misunderstood something I saw before deciding it wasn't there. Either way, I got about 34 finds in the interim. Some really fun and interesting ones too. Enjoy
  6. Agree. And fly onboard. I usually have to geocache with my 3.5 yr old so always find those with swappables. And a good one can make her participation much easier. But at this age it also only takes a couple of...substandard...swags in a row to disincentivise her. Last week I left a pretty cool swag in a cache and took...well..there was nothing to take! Hoping it encourages the finder to ensure they have something decent to swap in future. That said...it can be hard to get geopreschooler to do a fair swap. The other day she left plastic cutlery in exchange for a spinning top! I'll usually chuck something in quicky while her back is turned though. 😉
  7. It's frustrating from a playing perspective too. Back when I was new to this, I found my first trackable. I was very excited and moved it on right away. I logged everything properly and then waited. And waited. 6 months later, I've now discovered that it is no longer in the cache where I left it. But whoever took it has not left a record of doing so. Im finding that I feel responsible for this even though I did everything right. Hope it shows up again sometime.
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