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  1. HHL: You are having more success with your Swedish lists, than I do with my Alberta and Saskatchewan lists. I note that your last four are all over the maximum of 750 caches to which I now appear to be limited. That is, my button "Add 750 to list" never goes higher than 750. I have tried several times with lists of 850 or more, and 750 is the maximum that I can add. Also, I have now worked out the process of creating lists from the search map which is a little trickier than I remember it being before. For example, before I figured out the process, when I had my map set to show only 50 caches at a time, (or 100 or 200), then, until I worked out the correct procedure, when I tried to add the geocaches I wanted to a list, my list would only contain 50, or 100, or 200, depending on what setting I was using for the number of caches to be shown on my map at the time I made the list. I have now worked out the crucial need to select the "Sort by" box on the upper left side of the screen beside the map. When I do that, I get the "Add 750 to list" box. Now that I have figured that part out, then (as you say), the procedure works "flawlessly" for me as well :-) Das Leben ist in der Tat eine Reise, aber für einige von uns hat es ein paar Wendungen mehr als für andere. :-) Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort auf meinen Hinweis. MartyWalker1
  2. barefootjeff: Thank you for your response. I assume from what is happening to me that the current list-limit is 750 caches per list. Do you have any ideas or info about my other issue concerning the contortions I now have to go through to create a new list, as opposed to the "old", and much simpler procedure (at least for me) of 15 +/- months ago? Thanks again, MartyWalker1
  3. No, there is no page two. Has there been a change to how lists are made and then saved in the last 12-15 months? Unfortunately, I have been inactive because of health issues. Now, when I signed in to my account ready to go again, I found the "search" and "list making" procedures were much changed. For example, even when I have more than 750 caches that I want to add to a list, I can only add a maximum of 750 via an "Add 750 to list" button. Also, the procedure (for me at least) now seems very convoluted requiring me to first fool around with the "Map these geocaches" function, and then find an obscure line under the box where I had entered the postal code on the left side of the computer screen (the map is on the right). That line says something to the effect "Sort by distance (Near Far) at the end of which is a box that I must then select. Once I do that it gives me the above noted button "Add 750 to List" This procedure is all new to me, and much more bother, work, and time consuming than previously, when I could just set up my search parameters and filters until my search got me slightly more than a 1000 caches. After that I could easily (and simply) make my list. Then I could relatively quickly download the list to my GPS and I was good to go. This new procedure is very cumbersome and very time consuming compared to what I was doing before. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong, or why I am being limited to 750 caches when the limit for premium members is 1000. If this is the new way of doing things, I must be missing something, or not taking the right steps. If it were possible, I would like to get back the "old" (and much simpler) way of doing searches and lists. Needless to say, I would be very grateful for any assistance someone on this forum might be able to provide. Thanks, MartyWalker1.
  4. I am having trouble creating lists, where I never had difficulty before. Even though I add as many as 800-950 caches to a particular list, the list I then create only contains 50, 100, or 200 caches, the number coinciding to the "Show 50", "Show 100", or "Show 200", options given on the drop-down menu that may be open when I am creating the list. Have I unknowingly set up some sort of limit on the lists I am trying to create, all of which exceed 200? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
  5. If you have both a GPSMAP 66sr and an older 64st, can you copy the topo map from the 66sr to your 64st, so you would have them on both? (I'm a non-technical user, and assume that the 66sr topo maps are newer/better. Is that correct?) If it is possible, will my 64st be able to "read" the 66sr topo map? Is there any benefit to doing that, or would that be a bad idea? Thank you for any responses.
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