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  1. Moonshine was great!! The Burgers are the best we have had. If you have never went to Moonshine then you should make a trip some year. Emily and heather had double bacon cheeseburgers. Lexi had a bacon cheeseburger. I had a triple cheese and bacon burger. We almost got up today and drove back to moonshine from Terre Haute just to have another one but that would have been 45 minutes out of our way and we needed to head home. Thanks Bret for putting on the Moonshine event we can't wait till next year!! Next year we break the record for burgers sold and it becomes a Mega event. Will start promoting it right now. LittleDevilBear (Devil Bear is a nickname given to Wolverines and his mom added the little part. So basically little Wolverine)enjoyed his first trip to Moonshine and enjoyed all the attention he got. We thought Amber was going to keep him but she did finally give him back. Hopefully we will see everybody this weekend at the Fall Picnic.
  2. 8 more osq's and 1 MSQ takes our total to 328.
  3. Congratulations on the new grand baby!
  4. Just to let all of our Indiana friends know Braylon Isiah Wood was born Thursday August 6th at 12:43 am. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 and a half inches long. We are all home now and doing good. We are adjusting to life with a new baby and a lot less sleep. Braylon just after getting home and checking out his new home. Braylon is already guarding his GPS and ready to find a cache. Now if he can just figure out was his caching name will be. Ali Kat and Dubble Trouble are very excited to have a little brother and as soon as he whimpers they are right there to make sure he is okay. Braylon is planning on doing his first event this weekend here in Michigan but is looking forward to meeting a lot of great Indiana cachers at the Indiana Fall Picnic in less than a month.
  5. Ready? Were all ready in Ohio camping and caching.
  6. got one more ISQ today that makes 319.
  7. That's the first time I've seen you type wife, made me think for half a second ("who's he talking about?") Then it clicked! The WHOLE crew will be there Saturday! Us, Dubble Trouble, Ali Kat, and cacher to be named in the future...
  8. We did 7 MSQ's this weekend and 1 ISQ that should bring our total to 318 now. Thanks
  9. We have been Caching. Saturday I went to the spring Fling on Mackinac Island and roadtripped the U.P. with a group of cachers. We got every county and delhorme page in the U.P. We did the western most cache and the northern most cache. We climbed the highest point in Michigan and got the cache up there. While in the U.P. we decided to head over and add Minnesota so we got all the counties along the top of Wisconsin and then found I think five caches in Deluth, MN. We seen so many wqterfalls and scenic areas and had an awesome trip. Plus I think we found over 200 hundred caches. Heather and Lexi went out this last weekend and did a few in Indiana while I was gone. So yeah we have been caching in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota this week.
  10. Hi Scrollmaker and welcome to geocaching there are several great groups in the Cheboygan area. The one that comes to mind is Team Kalsin. Try e-mailing them through there Geocaching.com Profile. Also you can try http://www.mi-geocaching.org this is the Michigan Geocaching Organization and should be able to find several groups up in that area that would be willing to help you.
  11. Well we tried to get a cabin but they are all reserved. Not sure what we will do. The new baby (boy by the way) will be several weeks old and I don't think we want to tent camp with him at that age. If somebody heres of someone who ends up not using there cabin we will take it and pay them what they paid for it. Justin
  12. If your wanting a cabin you can. There is 13 regular cabins and 1 ADA cabin and as of last night there is only 5 regs and the ADA cabin left. We have cabin 5(01) WHAT A CABIN?? You have got to be kiddin me the 501 gang is going to be in a cabin! I thought last year after we took you out night caching in the rain and you slid down the steep hill and almost into the river that we had made you into a real cacher. I guess not! HEY JEREMY if you can hear me we need to change 501 Gang's name to 501 GIRLS.
  13. The Generic Beer is iced downright now for the event. And make sure that the toaster is washed and waxed, so when people come to log it she looks pretty!
  14. Hi rockandroll_acdc and welcome to the hobby/addiction that we all have come to enjoy. You should try this site www.mi-geocaching.org. It is the Michigan Geocaching Organization and you can find people in your area. Hope to see you at an event in Michigan or on the trail. Justin
  15. Woo Hoo! Can't wait to come down for another great Fall Picnic and to see all of you southerners!
  16. True- we have over 3600 finds. The next poster is already getting ready for the Midwest Geobash!
  17. We did this event last year people and it truely is one of the best events we have ever done. You will be taking your vehicle down two tracks, through flooded roads and mud puddles, up hills and down. This event is how caching was meant to be. The area is very scenic and it seemed like every cache we did last year had a great view. You don't want to miss out on this event!
  18. Seems they are migrating up to the North. This coin was found by a fellow Geocacher this week. She asked me to post it for her. She wanted to thanks The Shadow and The Georgia Spirit Quest Cachers for the Great Coin.... I'm going to have to step up my ISQ caching and find one of this version.... 1markymark1 [/img] We were in the area of a few caches today and decided to do some cache maintenance while we were over by them. Both of the caches are MSQ's and hadn't been visited in awhile so we wanted to check and make sure they were still there and that there was plenty of swag and everything was dry. Our second stop of the day was Michigan Spirit Quest #21 - Battle of the Bulge GC1DVA2. I was pulling out some of the less desirable swag in the container when I pulled out the Shadow Coin. I couldn't believe what I had in my hand. I had seen pictures of this new Shadow Georgia coin but now we had found one by pure luck. They are awesome looking and I love the detail on the back. I wanna give a big thanks to the shadow for swinging up into Michigan and dropping off at least one in a cache. So yeah Mark you are going to have to step up your ISQ caching because they have definitely migrated north and made it into Michigan now.
  19. Hi cb12374 we are from Coldwater, Mi and would be happy to try and help you figure out why your caches are being denied you can either post it on here or e-mail us through GC.com.
  20. Just wanted to let all of our Indiana caching buddies know that we are having an event in Coldwater for Ali Kats 3rd Birthday! It would be great to see many of you. We are working to put in between 10-20 new caches plus the old ones that are already in place so if you have never been to the area you could make a day of it. Here is the link to the cache page Ali Kat B-day Bash. Hope to see you there! Justin
  21. Does anybody else have room for our hamster habitat on there site?
  22. Try this cache it seems to be right in Brimley GC1EDA3. You can type in Brimely, MI right on the front page and it will list the caches near you. You could also try clicking on search for caches and then search by zip codes and enter Brimely's zip code.
  23. That was some night cache adventure. Ruth too bad you had to turn back to tend to Jon's wounds from falling down the rocks. I wish we had a camera. A shot of that beaver would have been classic. That was one heck of an adventure. I now know why they called that park an "extreme" sports park. Once we drove around in the daylight the next morning, I'm still shocked that only Jon's arm got scratched up. One of us probably should have limped out of the woods, guess luck was on our side. I really wish we had gotten a picture of that beaver, or at least Justin's face when I said, "What the heck is that?" I'm sure he'll never forget having a beaver swimming 2 feet away from him at 1am. I'm such a city girl. It never fails to AMAZE me when we see wildlife so up close and personal caching. It's so fascinating, I'm like a kid in science class. What else can I say? Except, a GIGANTIC thanks to the planning crew! The night cache was awesome, I MUST know where you got some of those props! And I only think I got the pee scared out of me 3 times. LOL And thanks to Papa 501, BusyMom, JTBrady, Floating Spots, and Shydog for caching with us crazy Michiganders on our anniversary. It was a weekend full of new states, amazing cache locations, and lots of stories to tell for a long time! PS Chris where's those pictures? Heather of Wolverine Warriors
  24. Congratulations Ruth!!! JTBrady hit 1300 while out doing some extreme night caching with us and 501 Gang Friday Night. It was an easy cache if you take the correct path we took the high road and had to go down hill about a 100 ft on wet leaves and stones in the dark while above a river. Needless to say it was a blast and I think all four of us ended up on our butts at one point and I thought darryl was going to slide off the hill and into the river. That should be a milestone you won't forget. Where were all the rest of ya? You missed out on a great time it was a awesome event.
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