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  1. I have to agree that this is the case. I believe that you ARE a Geocacher as soon as you realize what it is you are going to seek, and go seek it! I think in my case, I worked out all the quirks of Geocaching after around 15-20 caches. The "Fever" is still evident for me at 86 however!!! No but really... I believe you are not a geocacher until you are fording a medium sized river in just your underwear somewhere in Ontario Canada in the middle of November!!
  2. I am most definately not a Lurker. I read the forums here, and have written well over 10,000 replies to everything I read here. Now all I have to do is figure out how to post the blasted things??
  3. I just wanted to add my $0.02. Garmin bent over backwards for me in getting my item shipped. I live in Canada, and didn't want to use the Canadian depot as I have experienced problems with them in the past. I got my Etrex Venture second hand, and had to get it repaired/replaced under warranty. They accomodated my request to have it shipped to them directly instead of the Canadian depot, and even gave me tips on having it sent across the border. In shipping it back they also paid for it to be shipped internationally which I had expected to pay for myself. Some of the best "they didn't need to" support I have ever encountered!
  4. What a great Idea!! I cannot believe I did not think of that! We have an american office where I work.. I have relayed it through them! thanks for the brain starter! hehe 7 - 10 days from now, I should be in good shape!
  5. I am getting an IOL_RECIEVER error occurring with the updater. This happens in Windows XP. Under Win2K, the updater simply does not see the unit. I have used serial monitors, and have been able to tell that the unit is sending something to the computer, however I cannot decipher the code. I really believe the data being sent from the unit is corrupt, im just not sure if it may be a hardware issue, or if I could somehow get an update to correct the software. I did speak with Garmin TS a number of times. They were in fact very helpful. All of the troubleshooting we did helped.. they even sent me a new cable to try! Problem is that im in Canada. Garmin USA was willing to do it for free, but cannot accept an RMA from Canada. The company that they use in Canada was far less accomodating
  6. I have unsuccessfully been trying to get my Garmin Etrex Venture to update its software. I am convinced after much troubleshooting with Garmin that the unit itself may be sending bad data. Im curious to know if anyone out there in the geocaching world knows of any way to force an update into the unit. I have tried a master reset on the unit. I have even replaced the cable with Garmin, and tried on different machines of different os'es all to no avail. I have made sure to select the proper protocol (Garmin). I can see that the unit is sending data by monitoring the Serial port, just not the correct information apparently. It may be in vain, but I want to avoid the $119 service fee to have my unit RMA'ed. Any ideas?
  7. I dont think that this is bad practice. Sometimes these TB's may need a "Boost" or someone to get them moving also. I usually wait a little bit, and if the TB has not moved in awhile, I will go move it on. Consider it Maintenance..
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