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  1. Thanks Dr. House. Just like any cache type or any event, there will be folks who don't appreciate one way or the other. We do aspire to have a MEGA event this year, and we have done advertising in the form of posts to forums and cache page banners etc, but we have done this in the past, regardless of event status. This is typically just how we got the word out. The very first Spring Fling was held in 2004 and commanded a whopping 60-80 people. Nowadays, its not uncommon to see pub nights at that size. As each year went by, we found new and exciting things to do, we gained people interested in helping to plan and organize, and it just grew. We went from that ~80 person mark to 295 people in attendance last year. I attribute this mostly to the sport growth in our area (and all over Ontario) but this was also in part to our organizers efforts at "Spreading the Word". Last year we were not MEGA, but we did an entire campaign of advertising and inviting. I believe at some point that Isquba&Nawty sent out personal invitations to some 200 cachers. These were very well received based on feedback. We have also put out caches in a series in the past all over Ontario to promote and invite people to the event. Just our way of broadening our area and putting it "out there". This year is no different, except that the promotion-caches of the past have been excluded. We have other interesting ways of getting the word out there. So not much difference this year in our promotion efforts, save for inclusion of our hopes at having a Mega event. With regards to KeithWatson's comments (all of them here in this thread): Keith, you're a great guy. I respect a lot of the things you have done for this sport. I understand that you have varying opinions to many when it comes to caching and in these forums. I like that. You are stirring the pot. That seems to be what you do. I'm not sure if your response(s) to this thread was/were a complaint, pointing out the obvious, looking for attention, simply trying to give people an alternative view? Honestly it really doesn't matter. We are not the authority on events, or MEGA events. We simply do what we do, arrange to have an event and try to make it the best we possibly can. We aspire to be MEGA. Not Geowoodstock. Although I have no say in the matter, can I ask that this thread be kept on topic? It would suck to let this fall into a negative context leading up to the event. Ironically, this forum thread has been one of the best advertisements we could have asked for in terms of event promotions! Look at those views! Dan [edited to change last year's event attendance. It doesn't really matter anyhow]
  2. Much better. Does that mean you are coming?
  3. Wow! Greetings to the East Coasters! What a blast it would be to have attendees at the fling from out East! If you can find a group of people, you might even consider the idea of a group trip to Ontario for the fling! I know that there was talk last year of a group-trip for West-coasters to come in from BC and Alberta, picking up folks along the way. Even if you are "Humming and Hawing" on details of a trip of this nature, just remember... Think about the powers of fate that brought the GC code "GC1MGEV"! How could anyone not want to be a part of that... It's going to be history!
  4. Hey Folks, Yes the Spring Fling event will be happening and Yes you will be able to get your smiley. lol. I have been in Discussions with Groundspeak for the past week and have been made fully aware of their regulations and reasoning for page disabling. Their requests are not unreasonable and we are working with them to have the page listed to those specifications. While there was some confusion surrounding the reasons for closure, I did not speculate, nor did I assume that this had happened for the wrong reasons. I will not turn this forum into an avenue for speculation and finger pointing. This is the main reason I avoid these forums in the first place. If any of you have questions about what occurred through this process, please contact me directly and if I have time, I will respond to you. Please tell all of your friends and other cachers about this event! we are poised to have the biggest and best event we have ever had! Please note that full details of the event, costs and proceedings of the day will be made available to our website at http://www.centralontariogeocachers.com/SF4/ If you require any event information, please direct your inquiries to the "Contact Us" page of this site! Thanks fellow Geocachers and we hope to see you at the event! Swifteroo
  5. I certainly don't think this is speculation anymore being that both basspro.ca and basspro.com have this unit for sale on their websites for $599. I couldn't see if it was backordered or not. Seems like Garmin wanted something out in time for Xmas though. So far it seems exclusive to BP.
  6. "Like Sands through the Hourglass, so are the days of our cache" Wait wait... I would like to provide Mort25 with my attention too! If we all jump in, we might be able to find his "Attention Requiring" threshold! I love you Mort... its people like you that stir up society. Vigilantes exist in all walks of life. War, Human Rights... Geocaching... Do I agree with you removing this cache? Nah. Not a chance. Does that matter? Will it change your mind? haha.. no. I won't even attempt to address your beliefs on Geocaching, Land Managing, Nature Preserving. That doesn't appear to be the response you seek. All of you here seem to be seeking to change Mort25's mind. Like any other Self-Driven vigilante, there is no cracking this type of mind. My-way-or-the-highway. We've all experienced it in life. Its even come up in Geocaching. Just not in our area so much. CouparAngus, I found this cache, and it is in my top 5 ever. I found it with Earthquake back in my early days of caching and I commend you on your efforts for placing it. Thank you for bringing me to this park. I wouldn't have otherwise ventured into it. Don't be mad at Mort25 for being fundamentally human and experiencing human control flaws. Sometimes people short circuit into believing theirs is the only way. I've met you CA and I know your intentions are honest and true. I know you have no desire to offend or to destroy nature and I agree with you. So I will support you. I've never Met you Mort25, but its clear to see by your words and actions what your intentions and beliefs are. I don't agree with you, so I won't support you. CouparAngus, Add my name to the list of folks who will be on rotation to replace the final on this one. Don't bother with Mort25. I'm sure he is a nice fellow, but we needn't feed the desire for attention. Seek the kindness and caring of the cachers who have no personal agenda. We will Help you. Thank you Mort25, there isn't a need to respond to quote my post for a response back from me. I will not provide my input to this thread and feed the attention seeking any further. Please feel free to email me directly if you wish to talk about it directly with me. swiftone@rogers.com
  7. Hey! That was 3 bones in a foot, not the ankle! Seriously though, I do agree Tequila and applaud your concern and actions. My broken bones weren't planned, and I do have tree climbing experience. And what about the poor tree? I agree that the cache would be visited sparsely, but it only takes one person to debark a tree, even with proper climbing gear. Regardless, congratulations to all the milestoners at this event. I'm sorry to hear that any vandalism occurred. That is just childish. Perhaps keeping the route secret is the best option as KeithWatson has mentioned. The event is unique and has it's merit! I would like to see it continue so that I can stop being so lazy and participate!! Swifty
  8. It wasn't perhaps this cache was it: Area 51 - North of 49
  9. for the 3rd year in a row, the Central Ontario Geocachers will be holding the annual "Spring Fling" event in the Central Ontario area. This year, we have the distinct pleasure of being able to offer group camping on-site for those who wish to come in from far away and have a cheap alternative for lodging! If you haven't been to a Spring Fling yet, and Im sure as others will attest, you need to come taste the best Barbequed burgers in the world! It's the truth! We would like nothing more than to have cachers from all over Canada and the States attend our event. As it stands, it seems as if we may have attendees coming in from BC, Quebec, NY State and even as far away as Australia! Make sure to have a look to the event website at: Central Ontario Geocachers - Spring Fling III - The Trilogy (GCZ68A) In anticipation, Swifteroo and the Central Ontario Geocachers
  10. Here Friggin' here. This lady was killed in the "Patterson" tract of the Simcoe County Forest outside of Tottenham. This is not dense bush. This is a logged, sparse red-pine stand. I have been in this bush often enough to know that a 67 year old lady wearing a red sweater could NOT be confused as a deer. This is simply ludicrous. Nobody but the hunter involved will ever know exactly what happened here, but anyone that traverses this forest tract will see how ludicrous these claims are.
  11. I've worked really hard here in Simcoe County to promote caching and work with the OPP, Orillia and Barrie Parks and Rec, Simcoe County Trails, Lake Simcoe and Nottawasaga Valley conservation authorities as well as a pile of Trails organizations and committees. All of them have been extremely receptive and understanding. If you want any assistance with how to approach them or what you can do to help them "Get it", let me know! Feel free to email me at swiftone at rogers dot com.
  12. My "Toy" eh? I suppose I could let people see my new toy. I guess that just depends on exactly which toy it is that people are interested in seeing, or what they classify as a "Toy". Those shirts do look sweet. I'm workin' on pullin out some $$$ to get me one of them. Swifteroo Central Ontario Geocachers
  13. My most recent travel bug gets logged into an event here and there, and was even logged into an event that I put on. Although I would like to release it to the world, I just don't think it would be very possible (or practical). You can see the bug Here While my bug technically is a personal bug, I suppose that others have the right to log it, just not take it. Who knows. I don't think that travel bugs need to be released by rights, but to each their own I suppose. I kinda side with the "I paid the 7-10 bucks for my bug, I shall do with it as I please" idea.
  14. My goal is to try and start Geocaching again! Breaking my foot and having a newborn seem to put a damper on actually getting out there in the "Field" so to speak. Pretty soon little rattlepants will be able to come along in the pack though.. look out Geocaching World!!
  15. I was quite impressed with the one that I moved along for the TB Race. As soon as I can scrape up some fundage, I will likely be in for a few. Definitely a unique spin on Geocoining!
  16. Paypal sent for one black coin! Looks great! Boy am I looking forward to this coin!
  17. I jumped in for one of each of the BC and LMGA coins through your website. Both look fantastic. great work! Now I just can't wait to recieve them! Yippee!
  18. I had a very good chat with Constable Maeers from the Peter Street detachment where the whole situation went down. Thankfully, PC Maeers was understanding of our activity and is aware that Geocaching is a family-friendly activity. He also indicated that he was aware of what the cache was when it was dropped off but that standard protocol had to be followed. In the end, it seems as if the situation was handled without incident, and that there were no "Hard Feelings" one way or the other. It will be interesting to see the media take hold of this one. I am aware that the "Orillia Packet and Times" was very factual about their account of the incident. I am less convinced that Achannel will not try to put some sort of negative spin on the entire situation as they have historically done. Thanks KSAcat for taking hold of the situation. I understand that you were able to speak with PC Maeers as well and were able to act as an advocate for Geocaching.
  19. Hey KSAcat and everyone, I heard about this on the AM A-channel news this morning and immediately had a call into the Peter Street detatchment of the OPP. I have already left a voicemessage for Constable Dwyer of their media relations department apologizing for the difficulties and to contact me back directly to discuss the situation. From what I can see through the media reports, it appears as if in the end, they are satisfied that nothing came of the event and that there will not be criminal charges laid. I am awaiting word back from PC Dwyer and will update those involved with any information I get. KSACat, when you go to the detachment, I would suggest being forthcoming with them. They are more than aware of our sport now. If you would like I will be more than willing to come along with you when you go.
  20. Some time ago I picked myself up a Poker Chip that indicated it was produced or distributed by the "Southern Ontario Geocachers" group. I held on to it and still have it today after about 2 years. Now I finally know it's origin! Yippee!! Swifteroo Central Ontario Geocachers
  21. Congrats to all 3 of you! Try not to let Geocaching take a backseat! Our first is now 2 months old and only last weekend did she get her first find! It is really hard to not let time fly by. I know it sounds like a horribly cliche thing to say, but man, Little Emily was just born and I turned around and she was 2 months old going on 16 yrs. Your life as you know it will now change forever!! but for the better! Swifteroo Central Ontario Geocachers
  22. Everyone that can should come to this year's iteration of the Central Ontario Geocachers Spring Fling event! Last year we had a hoot and got some great feedback. This year's event will be held just slightly North of Bradford, Ontario and will be no more than 5-10 minutes off the 400! To prevent muddiness, this year's event will also be held later in the spring on Saturday May 13th. We have many new things planned for this year and we are gaining up a full head of steam to make this year's event much better than the last! We look forward to having anyone that is able to come show up for a day of enjoyment and caching! Central Ontario Geocachers Spring Fling 2006 Swifteroo Central Ontario Geocachers
  23. Thats Great Keith! It looks like you folks had a wonderful time. I am glad that the article is very factual and is well written. Certainly shows our obviously good intentions to get out, get active and enjoy our sport. Kudos with all of your efforts.
  24. I just picked me up a Palm Z22. It doesn't have Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, or MP3 playback, or spreadsheet abilities, but it sure does a heck of a job pulling up caches using CacheMate! Honestly, if you are looking for a Handheld device simply for Geocaching, its a fantastic option. It is color so its easy to see either at night, or just outdoors in the bush. Its got a 200mhz Processor so CacheMate absolutely FLIES with speed when searching for caches. The battery has been going on mine for 4 days straight now and has not flinched from the "Full" position. I am happy about that! There is no upgradeable memory, but with 32MB it stores every cache in Ontario to date and I wouldn't be surprised to see it hold every cache in Canada. Oh yeah, and its an organizer too! All that and 2 rubber cases for $89 bucks on boxing day at Staples. Swifteroo Central Ontario Geocachers
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