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  1. have Montana original love it... I have recently gotten a Fat Bike Mountain bike and have been looking at cycling computers by garmin... Then I remembered the oregon and it being a lot smaller then the montana .. The new 750 looks like it can connect to garmin connect .. Has anyone tried this and once it connects activities to connect does starve pick it up? i have a fenix 3 and the min i sync it with garmin then it syncs with strava ... wondering if its that simple as my watch
  2. not a publication but you might check out podcachers .. internet broadcast show on caching think there is even a group out of the UK doing podcast about caching also now
  3. So the mega , the block party coin , the lackey coin will have one? guessing they were all done by cache addict? all the coins i got from them no icon 8( and icon is just nice when you have spent good money to make it to event like the block party droo
  4. Dont get me wrong the coins sold at the block party 2012 are amazing looking coins as someone who is just starting to collect though i found it strange that the 4 coins sold at the block party had no special icons. as someone who spent money to get there and go to my first mega event on sunday and the block party i found it strange that only 1 out of four had an icon.. am i missing something? I tried searching the forums without seeing any information.. maybe icons for these coins are not in the system yet?
  5. anyone used one yet? I had issues with 62 not holding up like my 60 so took it back to REI ordered the montana off REI.com hoping this will be good other wise going to have to go back to a 62 and just figure a way to protect buttons and few other things on it
  6. was at rei looking at gpses does anyone know if the montana will have Wherigo app like the oregons has anyone seen one yet? really thinking that this will be a slick unit with the street nav looking and speaking like car unit that is really an outdoor hiking unit
  7. there is a cache up near orig stash that is a large barrel filled with 3500 film canisters i heard even wit 4 people it can take almost 1 hour to find actually cache
  8. with the talk of virts coming back maybe GC could come up with a historic type Virt with its own icon that only they can place for historic locations of caches that have changed the sport.. or create some sort of tri-ad virt for the three locations since they did use it to create interest in the PNW caching
  9. if i get down to OC this summer to visit my bro in irvine this is going to be one of my Must do's even if i only have time to get one cache also hope to get some caches with some of you guys
  10. got back into the hunt because a employee at new store location for the company i work for was talking about caching got me hooked again one night i was glued to the gps and he was not just using geo-sense found it first and goes "does it look like this?" so from that point on which ever one of us finds it first goes does it look like this?
  11. there was one in south ogden utah.. that you get to GZ and have to find a reflector to shine light just right on and your light would bounce to another reflector that you move to and then go next and so on never got the chance to try it
  12. I think the hard part is i am better at not spending money then i use to but the techie in me loves new toys so 62 has its draw. thanks for the all the good info.. the reviews on the new unit on rei dont give me a feeling for the unit
  13. I use to have 60csx finally died after being in a motorcycle crash and many drops loved it finally died after about 3 or 4 years use i am finding 60csx on the web for about 199 ... 62 worth the etra moola? paperless sounds nice is it any good paperless does not always mean easy to use does it have the battery life the 60csx had is it as accurate as the 60csx? i sometimes got 30 feet inside my apartment near windows. i am tech guy so i tned to like new features just dont want to pay for extra features if i am losing what i loved about 60 csx
  14. some reason when i uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it now gsak can seem to open either IE or Firefox is there a menu i am missing to reassociate gsak with a browser??
  15. www.newegg.com i think has them for 50 bucks for 1 gig its where most my friends get the parts to build computers so i am guesing they are good place to buy from
  16. can one load say all the western states city maps into 1 gig card? i have yet to buy any maps other then i have tried the NG topo for utah.. how much can be fit on to the 1 gig also i am guesing one needs a special card reader for the micro Sd?
  17. i have 60cs for sale 275 shipped cable and belt clip paypal only usa only lilyengren@hotmail.com if ur interested
  18. I am looking to sell my 60CS over all very good shape some small scratchs on the screen but not really affect viewing.. I am looking to get the 60cx that is the reason for the sale.. I sooo love the map60 series just when i moved up to the northwest I want something that will work in thicker folage to track my hikes.. if u want more info please feel free to email Unit and Usb cable and belt clip 275 which includes shipping ... shipped to USA only Paypal pics below lilyengren@hotmail.com
  19. If u buy the 3D software for NG topo it will upgrade all NG to be able to use usb cable i think for most units i could not get NG Utah to work with my 60cs and got the 3d it acts as upgrade its only 20 bucks kinda pissed me off that had buy something that would alow usb when its the standard now this is on my pc have yet to find gpsr or at least one i had that was mac compat
  20. 60cs i bought my 60cs from amazon.com i had to send it back i think 2 times total before garmin replaced the unit .. since being replaced i have had no problems at all... i really wish i had bought mine at REI i could have taken it back instead of wasting shipping costs.. the suport person that helped me the final time had not seen any problems like it before so sent me a new one.. the problems one i could hear it power up nothing on screen this was after hitting the carpet in my apartment from less then 2.5 feet high other time nothing it just quite working period.. my new one i have dropped on rocks and other things no problems at all and so far its held up well.. my experience with electronics are that some times no matter what there are problems or chance for a lemon just contact garmin or where u bought the unit they should replace it
  21. i really really want to get the 60cx.. the 60cs was great in utah not much thick tree cover but back in the northwest now i dont get the best signal.. really want to upgrade just cant justify two gpsrs
  22. dleted my post i miss read a log about converting maps
  23. I think i might have missed some responses becuase of email filter .. took it off .. 60cs still for sale.. 275.. Shipped unit plus usb cord. USA only Paypal only email is lilyengren@hotmail.com
  24. opps ment this as a reply to a topic..
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