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  1. I have been portrayed in many images and stories over the centuries. being aware of your surroundings has paid off for you with this picture, however you should be more observant as I was closer to you than you thought during the event of cachers in my forest and went totally unnoticed by all in your group.
  2. very nice indeed, although not the coin you seek. as your search continues you should listen to the whisper of the trees for answers.
  3. Spring would be a perfect time of year!
  4. These are the places where I find the most comfort and peace as well, RR. Isn't Nature a wonderful, beautiful place? er yes i totally agree. i love going for little walks and discovering a small green coloured area that i wouldnt have known about if i had continued to walk along my usual paths. its such a treasure to enjoy the secrets that lay in wait for us. Treasures abound with the tranquility of rustling leaves and whispers of the forest. I am near and I am watching those that take care of my woodlands will be rewarded with riches beyond belief. ***May all your travels through my forest woodlands be a good journey and have you all return safely home***
  5. Interesting concept, I like these alot. Nice job!
  6. While I'm flattered(immitaion is the best form of flattery) This is not the coin you seek! Listen closely to the wildlife and the winds in my woodlands. Look closely at the not so ordinary places. That should help you find the secret to the coins hiding spots. Few are out, but many will come. Enjoy your search and respect my forests.
  7. I'd be interested in giving this a serious look as I sort of like challenging puzzles. However, these coins have been sold out for quite a long time. If anyone that feels they got duped into buying these coins wants to get rid of them, shoot me an email or PM. I'd be interested in buying them from you if you are not happy with them..
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