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  1. Hello Pamela, I have explained the reasoning behind activating my coins prior to distribution in the "May The Forest Be With You" thread. Congratulations on winning one. You are welcome to keep it or gift it to someone else, however I will not be adopting them over to anyone I have either gifted them to or obtains them in the manner you have. If you wish to get email notifications on the coin you received, you can add it to your watch list. The bottom line is "I did not create them for profit". The only tool I have to thwart someone from profiting from my generosity is to activate them and maintain ownership(albeit only through the geocaching tracking feature)before I distribute them. You can thank previous geocachers that have profited from my generosity on my first coin for the measures I have taken in distributing this coin.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Mystical-GreenMan-1623463444539744/
  3. Look up Mystical GreenMan's account in thread. There are 60 of these coins all owned by Mystical GreenMan. They appear to be a gift to lucky individuals. Here's to hoping. yes, you are very observant. due to some that have profited from my kindness in the past and sold my gift to them, these coins will not be released without activating them first. all coins are activated under my profile. they have been activated in all 50 states, with a few duplicates. I note whom I have given or sent the coins to, or what cache I have left them in. while not all of them have been logged, their whereabouts is known by me. I will be aware of any coin that changes hands or sold without my approval through logs on the coins. I don't mind them changing hands, but I do mind someone making a profit off of my generosity. trade them or gift them if you'd like, but selling them is prohibited unless it is for a good cause with my prior approval. having said that, one will soon be available for auction to help raise funds for GCF2014(yes, it has been activated in Texas) also, there are currently 4 sitting in caches, one each in 4 different states, another that was placed in a cache in Ga. has already been found.
  4. wait a minute... I'm a sock puppet! some sock puppet accounts are created for good reasons with no malice intended. myself, as well as many others have these accounts to do good deeds like gift geocoins annonimously. remaining behind the scenes and keeping identities a mystery to the masses through sock puppet accounts, allows us to spread good cheer to geocachers without recognition or being publicly stalked by those that seek our kind gestures.
  5. very interesting, it seems the forest minions have been busy.....
  6. I see now, Yes I can verify that the pathtag is one of mine and the sherpa was made by the geocoin store. I believe it was designed by Chris Mackey. They do compliment each other nicely if I do say so myself. hhhmmm, I may have to talk to Mother~Nature about a new coin design . maybe a sherpa v3? Thanks for clearing things up and posting the pics.
  7. I'm to understand that you intend to attend Cacheapalooza5 in January? Find Chief Talking Bull and ask about my whereabouts. The Chief has a way to see forest happenings that geo-people are not able to see. The info you gather from him could fulfill your wish.
  8. I cannot be responsible for postal errors. all other recipients have recieved their packages without any problems. No promises, but we will see what we can do to fix this error in the near future.
  9. twice this has crossed my path recently, anyone have a pic?
  10. I'd like to thank everyone for what they do to help where others are careless. These posts are proof that one person (you) CAN make a difference if they take the first step and set an example for others. Mother~Nature randomly chose post #2 (SgtMikal) and #28 (GATOULIS) as the winners. Please contact me through my profile with your address information and I'll send you your coin and tag. Thanks for participating in the cointest and congratulations on winning!
  11. a short quick cointest to commemorate EarthDay win an MGM v1 mystery coin and an MGM pathtag my rules, your stories one entry per cointestant per day winner(s) chosen randomly Wed. 4/21 - Mon. 4/26 tell us what you do to make a difference while caching. do you CITO? practice 'no trace' guidelines? host or attend events? teach others how to reduce thier impact on the environment? Happy EarthDay! leave no trace CITO
  12. a very close likeness of the woodland nymphs
  13. Dark Elf - approximately... nearly exact yet not perfectly accurate, a close estimate. First I'd like to thank everyone that practices CITO while caching, whether it be in wooded or urban areas. I was hoping for a bit more support in this cointest, but will be thankful for those that did participate. E&Cplus3 and Dark Elf you should be receiving a bubble mailer soon. River Cacher, I see you already recieved yours I want to thank you all for your participation and for teaching others to do their part to help keep the trails clean. To anyone that had good intentions but didn't act for whatever reason they had, keep an eye out for a V2 Earth Day cointest next spring that everyone should enjoy. *Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and travel safely each and every day! ~MGM
  14. Congratulations on attending your first CITO event. The memories you made today will last you through your lifetime. The woodland nymphs are reporting great things from this group of geocachers. Thank you all very much for your efforts and support in this cause. The lessons taught to younger geocachers by you and your group are priceless. ____________________________________________________________________ As a side note, I'm sure the good intent is there and the response to this cointest would be greater if I had made it as simple as posting a picture of trash at a cache. I suppose the 'challenge' to actually 'do' something was too much to ask for. Any effort at all is greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed
  15. after reading this thread I became curious. How many folks would approve of the idea of Groundspeak providing me with information about CITO organizers so random acts of kindness could be given out to them? I'd be curious to know just how many CITO's are held annually and what region of the world has the most. enquiring minds want to know...
  16. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and I am impressed with what you have done. The real pleasure is the feeling of accomplishment you all felt afterwards. I can see that you have put alot of effort into this and will be flexible with task #3 and will invoke rule #3a.... I make the rules! Congrats on your CITO. I'm sure everyone that participated will have a sense of pride when they come to this area again.
  17. ....mystery solved! ...I'll be more specific about pics in any future endeavors ....I'm glad everyone likes it... Listen closely to the rustle of the leaves while caching in my forest woodlands to find one or enter the EarthDay Cito Cointest
  18. an easy way to EARN one CITO Cointest
  19. While traveling through the forest woodlands spreading fertility seeds and hiding my coins. I noticed many disturbing areas. Some of you know these areas I speak of. They are the areas that have been spoiled by manmade litter and garbage. I have decided to enlist the help of geocachers to clean some of these areas. Three(3) very lucky geocachers will recieve one of my coins the easy way. All others will have to search carefully for traces of my presence while out geocaching. The rules are simple 1.) This cointest will last for approximately 90 days.(3 months) 2.) The winners will be chosen at random. 3.) My decision is final. The task is simple 1.) You must host at least two(2) CITO events in two(2) different areas between now and the end of the cointest. 2.) You must provide a GC# to the CITO events here to this thread. 3.) You must have at least 12 'attended" logs from individual GC accounts. 4.) You must provide at least three(3) pictures of each CITO event you hosted of "attendees" with the collected "garbage" at each CITO event. Although not required, an estimated total weight of the garbage collected at each event would be a nice way to brag about your CITO success. Good Luck! ~MGM~
  20. I'll be keeping a close eye on cachers and CITO organizers in 2009 keep your eyes open and your trashbags filled think green - think clean
  21. short answer: spreading two things: awareness and Smiles
  22. nice idea, however what you seek are very unique coins. you will know one when you see it.
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