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  1. ya it can, ive found one inside a business before and it was published. But it was by the window so when business is closed you were still be able to log a find if u emailed the hidder and describe the cache.
  2. I get angery when I dont find a cache even if no one before me has in a while. But do you even remember it in a couple more caches? I dont, I just log a dnf and move on.Its not life as we know it, or is it....
  3. this post is for giving out ideas to hide caches and asking for help on hiding caches. One idea is to get a couple pizza boxs with the geocaching logo so its not mistaking for some regular ones and get permission to hide it in a pizza place.
  4. Some should replace the first ever geocache and if it goes missing replace it again to make a monument where geocaching was first created if possible. I would do it but I live in Canada so I wouldnt beable to maintaine it.
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