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  1. Have site #377 reserved, but will be swapping with Anabel and Brazilindy for site #374. Can't wait, but guess I'll have to!
  2. jaypit

    2010 Fall Picnic

    SWEET! That's in my back yard!
  3. It's just a little frustrating when a bug goes this long without an update from a moderator! Hey Groundspeak, where are you?
  4. I'm at site #92. Can't wait! Although I'll be visiting the park in the next couple months, it'll be for just one cache. I'll save the rest for September!
  5. Thanks OpinioNate for the post. I for one will wait patiently on the fix. Hats off to you guys for the work you do for this hobby that is RAPIDLY increasing in popularity!
  6. Haven't visited the forums in a couple months. Just wanted to drop in and see if SixDog was foaming at the mouth over the Gator's win. Where you at Rick?
  7. Awesome! I was really bumming for a bit. Thanks for the quick fix!!!!
  8. I've noticed the same thing. It was a great tool to peruse an area looking for fresh caching grounds! Please bring it back.
  9. jaypit

    MOONSHINE 2008!

    Oh, and I'll finally become an interstate cacher!
  10. jaypit

    MOONSHINE 2008!

    Count me in. At least two for me and one for Rocky!
  11. Maybe IndyMagicMan will add a new cache to his century series? "Challenge of the Century: Archives"? Make that "Archived by Hostile Forces" Very good point!
  12. COVETED AWARD? WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? One of these at the very bottom of the cache listing, just above the reviewer note! But what do dogs care?
  13. Maybe IndyMagicMan will add a new cache to his century series? "Challenge of the Century: Archives"?
  14. Babies and puppies and 64 bit OS'es, OH MY! Babies and puppies are always welcome, I'm running hard and fast from 64 bit systems!
  15. So I was going for a FTF today in Oaklandon when three other cachers showed up. Eventually, Maraudermom comes up with the hide. Who gets to claim FTF? I have heard that traditionally, when a group of cachers are attempting a FTF, all members of the group get to claim the coveted award. Then there's the other camp that believes there can be only one FTFer, no matter who else is actively searching for the cache when it's found. Last summer, Team CB_Indy, Joetony and I were First To Find the very enjoyable "Night Cache On Lake Monroe", a 5/5 that can only be found at night and with a small watercraft. It was truly a team effort as you have to keep track of a couple different distances while shining around the area with a flashlight. Joetony and I were keeping track of distances while CB was flashing around. I would definitely consider that a shared FTF. It could be considered a horse of a different color when four different caches are searching around a pine tree in a city park. Any thoughts?
  16. From what I've read in Maximum PC, avoid Vista at all costs! I'll stick with XP Pro for now, for as long as I can. I would go with Linux, but most if not all caching related software that I use has no Linux friendly versions. I dread the day Microsoft sunsets XP! Hopefully, they can come up with a relatively bug free OS before that day!
  17. Oh, and at the same time, both sites loaded fine on my desktop. That should eliminate the server being down at the time of my attempt as being the problem.
  18. I'm using a Samsung BlackJack II on the AT&T network. When trying to access the WAP site, I get "403 Forbidden". I've read in an earlier post that the site works fine with the BlackJack. I get the same thing at the rtr.ca/geo site. Any ideas?
  19. Speaking of ISQ's, what's the tally Rick?
  20. ISQ update. I'm at 89 ISQ's. Should be able to bump that up over 100 this weekend!
  21. Thanks guys! I only let Jaypit tag along because I can't figure out how to open the liver treat bag! He thinks it's that silly Garmin that's making the finds. The truth is, it's all in the nose!
  22. I've just spent the last couple of hours catching up with what's been going on in this thread. Don't mean to bring back an old topic, but that's my geo-pup on the left. He's not a pup anymore and the Trailmixes really tucker him out. I do believe it's caching that keeps him (and myself?) in good shape. I'll stop living in the past now!
  23. So now we're forced to see Rick hiding behind a tree. And at the bottom, he's stealing Jeremy's avatar!
  24. Found a new Tvnewsbiz hide today about 4 p.m. Hey, blizzard caching is fun!
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