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  1. From what we understand GSAK will not work on a Mac. The caches show when we open the Nuvi from the Mac thru Mapsource but they do not show up on the Nuvi.
  2. I'm not familiar with Mapsource as I use GSAK macro for our Nuvi. They could be loaded as POIs. If they loaded ok they should show up on your Nuvi screen.
  3. We have a Nuvi and a Mac puter. Ran a pocket querry then uploaded it to the Nuvi thru Mapsource but the caches/poi do not show on the Nuvi. Any ideas?
  4. I like using the attributes, especially since I am in Colorado and like to know if a cache is accessible in snow conditions. Another one I look for in mountain areas is do you need a four wheel drive or is a horse allowed in that area/park/trail. All of these can save me lots of time and mileage and allow me to target caches I can actually find or even get to. I wish more would use them, especially outside of urban areas.
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