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  1. Okay, I have wondered this for a while and seen people doing this to their local caches. If you own or co-own a cache can you and should you log a found it log. Does it even count as a smiley? I've seen a bunch of people do it, and I kind of think that's it's like just so their numbers go up. Do some of the more experienced geocachers do this?

  2. Why is it that some usernames don't work in the forums? My account on geocaching.com doesn't work here. I had to make a new account just for here because my usual account doesn't work for here. I feel like I broke a rule. Am I even allowed to have two accounts?

  3. I'm a premium member, but when I was a member I used to do this: sign in, go into hide and seek a cache, then click on my state in "by State (US only) and then all new caches or events would come up. It still works for me and that's how I do it. Sorry for my run-on sentences. :D

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