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  1. While I m in no financial position to help out, I simply adore how this community is willing to participate in such a matter .
  2. Kind hearted fair ones - Get your name and addresses into the address book plus it does me a favor if you have a want list
  3. Just to let you kind hearted people know that I am still around . Get your names and addresses in to that address book HOPE - it is ALL around !
  4. I wanted to Speak up and commend everyone who is participating in this wondrous assignment. I am so very proud of All of you. I am sorry to hear of a very dear friend.
  5. I simply adore the title of this thread.
  6. But there is always HOPE
  7. Kind one, If at all possible, could you add "2-Bring-Hope" that would be very nice. Thank you.
  8. I sent a belated birthday card to one of the kind hearted ones here but apparently that one hasn't checked their mail yet.
  9. I'm still here and I still care.
  10. The only way I know of to get one in the mail is to have your address in The Address book through this forums.
  11. Oh my, I ventured into this thread and Wow. I can admire all these beautiful inkings. The ones where they are spouses or girlfriends, do they count if they don't cache?
  12. It would be nice to hear from any and everybody as to what your opinions are. Maybe I could do both. . I can wait since I can be patient
  13. I'll keep an eye out for it and THANKS!!! A MYSTERY COIN GIVER, very nice gesture and what a wonderful heart!! THANKS 2-Bring-Hope, very much appreciated! You have given me a big smile, and I haven't even received the coin yet!! Oh dear tender heart, the coins I sent weren't mystery coins in the sense that you may think - they were just coins out of my personal collection. They were coins that I thought would bring happiness to whomever received them. And mostly to bring HOPE. I want to send out more but am waiting to see if they want them to be activated by themselves or sent through the mail. I know that I sent you a coin - it doesn't sound like you received it though. I sent them out around June 21, 2008 Kindly, 2-Bring-Hope
  14. You, WSR, take very good pictures. Thank you for sharing with all of us!
  15. I would be honored if you wanted to activate the coin that I sent you from Hope, Idaho for this good cause !
  16. This is one beautiful set of coins.
  17. Also, I Never heard from ALL that I sent coins to before, so , just wondering what way works best!
  18. Without wanting to start a new thread, I have a question . . . Do you all like it better to have a geocoin or to have one activated to you all and have it sent on a mission - sort of like the one that Butterfly_lady is running? I Do wish to hear from all of you.
  19. Sorry, but I didn't ship overseas due to customs and the big hallaballou that goes with the European complexities. There are several of you who would have received a coin from this being, though.
  20. You, Naomi, I hear a lot of good things about. I didn't ship overseas due to customs and the big hallaballou that goes with the European complexity. You would most certainly have received a coin from me.
  21. Does it look like this Helen? If so it is called Through The Ages II Can't help ya with the "who dunnit" tho lol Check the envelope, does it say Hope, Idaho?
  22. Lorca.nl, is this a picture near where you are from? It resembles around Hope, Idaho.
  23. Hello, my friends. It was a pleasure to be able to give some HOPE to some of you. I would loved to have sent more out BUT not too many of you have your addresses listed.
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