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  1. Okay, a not so good pic is on my event cache page. http://coord.info/GC41D5G Thanks, LadyBee4T! Dawn of djds clan
  2. I got my coins today and I love them! How do I post a pic when I don't have an url?
  3. What about 31-3-13 for next year ?? We could do a 2 stage event next year. In the US it could be on 11/12/13 (November 12th) and elsewhere, it could be December 11th!
  4. After such a successful 11-11-11 event in Sacramento, I am looking very forward to a 12-12-12 event. Is hosting just first come, first served, or do previous hosts have precedence? Dawn of djds clan
  5. Joined: 11-14-11 Name received: 11-26-11 Card Sent: 12-9-11 Card received: 12-15-11 Sorry for the tardy update, but we received our card & coin a little earlier this week from SimonLimon. We got a very cute little snowman geocoin and a very yummy chocolate Santa. All 4 of us were very excited to receive Christmas cards from Sweden! Thank you so much, SimonLimon!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!
  6. Joined: 11-14-11 Name received: 11-26-11 Card Sent: 12-9-11 Card received:
  7. Joined: 11-14-11 Name received: 11-26-11 Card Sent: Card received:
  8. djds clan are just a humble people who delight in geocoins and as everyone else, love to watch them travel. We have suffered no hardships, nor are we particularly amazing. But we would give the coin a loving send off! ;-) Dawn of djds clan
  9. Email sent! Joined: November 14, 2011 Name received: Card sent: Card received: Thanks! Dawn of djds clan
  10. If you want a partner, I'd love to help. If you'd prefer to work alone, I would definitely be interested in an event and a coin or 2! Dawn of djds clan
  11. The Sacramento event was great! We had about 125 show up and I only have 4 coins left out of 100! Everybody loved the design. It was awesome being part of a global event! I CAN NOT WAIT until 12-12-12!!! Dawn of djds clan
  12. Sacramento's event is published! http://coord.info/GC35TKA djds clan
  13. Where can I look at the artwork and what colors other event hosts have chosen? There is a googledocs spreadsheet being set up that will show all the events and the colors picked. It is not for public use and is by host invite only. May I request an invitation? Luvbassn & I will be coordinating, but are about 75 miles apart and won't be able to meet to plan our colors.
  14. I am still planning on having an event in Napa, CA shared with the Sacramento group hosted by DJDS Clan, if they are still interested. It would be the same coin for both events and called the Northern California event coin. I am still interested!!! Dawn of djds clan
  15. I'm in Sacramento (which is less than 100 miles from Napa). Luvbassn, would you be willing to share a coin order?
  16. I'm new, too, and using a Magellan 4250 (I think those numbers are right). I couldn't figure out a way to enter the coordinates directly, but the instructions in the manual explained a way to do it. I put the CD in that came with the unit into our computer and it created a Magellan file on my desktop. I have to click on "other conversions" on the cache page to get decimal coordinates that I can enter into the desktop file. I enter the name of the cache & the coordinates, then download that file to an SD card. I put the SD card in the GPS and away we go! Takes a fair amount of time when we want to do a lot of caches, but gets the job done. If anyone has any other advice for me, please feel free!
  17. I can totally feel your pain, trillium13. I really hate DNFs. And it really does rub salt in the wound when we've searched for 20 minutes, then decide to decode the hint only to have it say "already pretty easy", I wouldn't be decoding the hint if it was easy!!! And it seems like the hardest ones for us are the ones people say are really easy. We don't use a handheld, we use a Magellan 4250 (I think those numbers are right). We got it for Christmas from my parents (who didn't understand I wanted a handheld). But I have come to love it because it gives us driving directions to the cache *and* a map with a dot that is the cache. It seems to be pretty darn accurate, too! It chimes when we are at 30 feet and dings when we are at 9 feet. We call her Christine (after Stephen King's Christine) and she gets real insistent when we don't find it. Ding, Ding, DING. I will say that sometimes she's delayed and doesn't ding until we are standing with cache in hand. We do want to buy a handheld as well, but don't have the money at the moment. You bring up a point I wanted to ask about. When do people log DNFs? I thought if you went looking for a cache and didn't find it, you enter a "didn't find it." But we tried for a particularly evil one this last weekend and couldn't find it. Went home, logged a DNF and read through the logs. One person put a note on the log saying they had looked for it multiple times but didn't log a DNF yet. What?!? Is there some unwritten rule that you can look for it a certain number of times, but don't have to admit you didn't find it? Seems dishonest to me. We hid a cache near my husband's work last week. Only one person has logged it found, no one else has claimed a DNF, but he's seen people looking forever, then leaving. So I would love to hear from others, do you log a DNF after you've looked once?
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