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  1. bad idea from the get go. and before starting a web site you should be able to use spell check. How is this going to work? "...leave an area in better condition than they found it (though for geo detectors that means filling in the hole they have just dug....." Even if you fill the hole back in, you have still dug a hole, disturbed the ground and plant life. The picture of a trowel and pill bottle - really? IBTL
  2. JC Penney's has lock n locks on sale right now. (SURPRISE! JC Penney's is having a sale!)
  3. If you don't live in the area it's a moot point.
  4. What about those clear lock & locks that have a cache sticker on them and since you can see inside the swag looks like there could be a clock or wires (those wires in there Must be connected to ear buds, right? after all it is labled as a cache)
  5. One of my favorite finds was in a fuse box. The box was attached to a tree in a pasture (owned by co) NOW... if kids were here caching with grown ups, would this teach them all fuse boxes may have a cache so reach in and inspect?
  6. looks like there is a team Buttons and Beaux. maybe she just set up her own account and is transferring her finds to it.
  7. Looks like fun. What part do you have an issue with?
  8. I love to play Scrabble. At the time I started caching I was married which is the reason for the plural.
  9. Most computers have a Delete button you can use if you don't like the conversation going on. Delete button won't delete a thread, unfortunately. Oftentimes, I wish that it could. no, won't delete the thread. But it would delete an email announcing the thread. (would only work if you get new threads from email like I do instead of going through the web site)
  10. Most computers have a Delete button you can use if you don't like the conversation going on.
  11. I have to wonder about someone being concerned enough to call the police yet feel safe enough to pick it up and carry it to a new location.
  12. My curiosity got the best of me - did you write more that TFTC in your log?
  13. You do realize that the "stars" of these reality shows are being paid very well for their participation in the show, right? There's money to be made???? I say we all sign up to do the show. This could be Blue Bow's new job. We would still have to find the token jerk to join in. Wait. how much is the pay? is it in cash or ammo boxes?
  14. :laughing: :laughing: Would I watch a show with the forum regulars? You bet I would. Would it be good for Geocaching? No it would not. So what are you saying about us? as to a caching reality show - NO NO NO!
  15. I've put the log inside a pill bottle, then put the pill bottle inside the cache container "just in case" It worked when one cache was not sealed properly by the last finder, everything but the log got wet.
  16. I want your life Move to Europe. It's fairly easy to hit a couple different countries on a weekend by taking the train or even driving. Paris is only about 5.5 hours by car from Amsterdam (where Yvette lives) and you'll have to go through Belgium to get there. It's a "little bit" out of the way to go through Luxumburg on the way back but certainly doable via train. Still, I'm amazed at how much travel she does at such a young age. You know, that's not a bad idea. Now that I'm single again I've been wondering what to do with myself.
  17. on the cacher's profile it says student .... maybe they teach something new these days.... still wondering about HDTV
  18. They draw the moisture so once they are saturated everything starts getting wet. Unless you change them often they can make more of a mess than they are worth.
  19. Your Cache Hides Never Vary Considerably? Laughed out loud over a couple guesses! I had to go back and see just which find he/she wrote that one on because I do have 2 "groups" out. I have 3 elf doors and 4 potted plants where they blend in with underbrush. But, no, this was your basic lock n lock in the woods.
  20. Three of my caches were found by the same cacher. Of course I'm used to TFTC type responses but I don't understand these: YCHNVC HDTV savant Any ideas?
  21. This is a good time to remind everyone that if you don't find the cache, post a DNF. If you don't, there is no reason the CO needs to check unless they choose to.
  22. Make a new geocaching listening, and DO NOT select, "This is ready for publishing" instead send an E-mail to the reviewer with the link and ask them if it seems okay. If they say yes wait until you get it done to publish. As for it being agaisn't rules, just don't mention it. If asked just say that the concrete was put there by someone who did it for the parks and recks, and it just so happened that it had the perfect hole for your cache. See the thing is, the parks and recks or companies can dig holes and use concrete for things such as benches, and you can use benches to put the cache on. But you can't make a fake bench, even if the parks and recks want it. It's so easy to get around that rules with permission (No worries, parks and recs won't complain) Even if the reviewer sees it, chances are he won't care. Where did you learn your values, coldgears?
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