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  1. Going a bit off the original topic here. I looked at the 3 finds the OP has, saw there were photos posted, but they had nothing to do with the cache and nothing to do with geocaching at all. Printing cards with those pictures to leave in a cache as a signature item would be a great idea. But talking as a cache owner, they don't belong in the image gallery. just my opinion.
  2. My point exactly it is better to go looking in areas that you're certain of but that's only my opinion other people think differently but again You can ever know what you need if you go looking for dangerous caches Not true. Read the description, read the logs, check the attributes, check the ratings. Then go back and do it again and if you're still not sure, it may not be for you.
  3. Times like that will always be in yours and your mother's memories. It will be something to fall back on when life gets hard.
  4. Hmmm... I would think that any camouflaged container found by a Muggle might raise some eyebrows. I guess that's why it's important to clearly mark your cache, identifying it as such, and providing the URL so those investigating such a container might be better able to determine its innocent nature. I don't think any of the comments made were personal, and if you don't hang out here on a regular basis you may not be aware of all the blown up caches. Yes, caches should be identified like you did, however, if someone were making a real pipe bomb, they could easily write the same on the pipe bomb, that's where the question of "is it or isn't it" comes in. Placing one like you made in the woods away from daily traffic might work.
  5. A cooler/ice chest might work - I have one that's been out over a year and has stayed dry.
  6. Very cool! She' a very lucky lady to have someone that cares so much.
  7. From the cache page: Creepy was a good word for it! pumpkins are paranormal?
  8. Have you asked the CO for suggestions?
  9. . Owning a junk 'car' is not the same as owning the 'property' it is sitting on. Sorry Snooggie, WRONG ANSWER! Don't mistake 'property' for 'land' or 'real estate', the latter CAN be 'property', but so can all sorts of things including lunar landers and rovers... or your GPS, car, and so forth. Snoogans wins! Doug 7rxc So I win the bet in one post and lose it in the next.
  10. You better believe I would. Could I still stay on the forums?
  11. Wonder who the first cacher was to plant a LP cache was....
  12. If there are DNF logs going back over a year by veteran cachers on a cache with a low difficulty and low terrain, and I spend time searching GZ, I'll log a NM, as the owner should be checking why 15 people in a row couldn't find their p-n-g that's a key hider under a bench, or a film canister in a guard rail. That's why I also said "Use common sense"
  13. Read a slew of these in one day on mine and ones I'm watching: "Out on a power run in the area with ..... . Thanks to all who placed caches to help us met our objective. SL" C/P for sure, all had the same wrong word. Fellow cacher wrote about the same thing. It's so disappointing when you see a lot of found emails and you open one after the other and read the exact same message.
  14. If you don't find it give it a DNF but DO NOT randomly give it a Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived. Sometimes NM is correct if you find broken pieces, etc. Use common sense. *this is not in response to OZ2CPU's post. Missed theirs before writing the above*
  15. DNFs are very important to the CO. after a couple the CO knows to look in case something has happened to cache. Even one DNF will make me stop to look if I'm close by. Please log them all. If you don't think you spent enough time looking, note that in your log.
  16. No one wants to take my money? I'll take that bet even though I'm sure you're right. I'm also sure they got it from the comfort of their arm chair.
  17. Is the cache container a nano and the prize is an ammo can? I like the idea of putting coords in the cache container for the FTF to go find his prize. Almost evil
  18. Wouldn't it be "LPS"? Lunar Positioning System? In fact, NASA has already been developing just such a system: NASA designs lunar positioning system for exploration That article was from 2008, though, so who knows what the status of that project may be today. I was thinking about the lack of tree coverage. So we need to get another unit. Have to wonder how much that would cost!
  19. Those caches must have been put there a very long time ago, before virtual caches were outlawed. I guess the moon would hold this suggestion: "Although many locations are interesting, a Virtual Cache should be out of the ordinary enough to warrant logging a visit."
  20. Well you know, if someone from New England posted that they made them, they would call them Wicked. NOW it makes sense!!!!!!
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